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I'm Miss Piggy!  Pleasure to meet you!  I'm a Pot Belly Pig!  I just love to "hog" all the attention!  In this picture...I'm only 4 months old!  Dottie thought taking care of me was just like all the other "farm" pigs she had!  Not!  This...she is now finding out! 

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I'm Mat!  I'm 3 weeks old in this picture!   I was a bottle fed baby...but I had to give it up because everybody said I was too old for a bottle!   I learned lots of tricks!  I can give you my paw...and the other one!  I stand up on my hind feet for "Up Pretty", and walk forward AND backward!  I can even walk across a 2 x 4!  I get to visit people and do my tricks to make them smile!

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Well... hello there!  I'm Bunny!  That's my name...Bunny...or Bunny Bunny Bunny!  Whatever!  I like to think I keep this gang in line!   I'm a house bunny for now...'till Mat and Piggy are ready to go outside!  I kinda like it!  First I had to smarten up the cats!  They're the ones who smartened up the dog! They need a little Bunny in their life!  So here... I... am...the Bunny with an attitude!

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My name is King Solomon...but they call me "Solly"!

I'm not a pony...I'm a Minature Horse!  I'm almost 3 years old!  And yes...I am... all... that!  I am so smart...that I'll teach YOU tricks!  I'm always getting into some kind of trouble, but it's just because I'm so smart and I deserve all the attention.  I love to hay...and every one elses! I might be a little bossy, but where I came from, they were all BIG horses and they always pushed me around.  He- He- He!  Now it's my turn!  Joe calls me Eddie Haskil, from a beaver show on tv.

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Hay!!!!   I'm Donk E. Oaty.  My name use to be Jack ...but I liked the way everyone said...."Oh... What... A... Cute... Donk... E"! So we changed my name!  You can call me Donk E for short!  I use to be at the bottom of the pecking order because I was the youngest!  But now that Mat came to live with us...I grew courage!  I'm a big brother, now!  It's my job to protect him...and keep him out of trouble!  He He He! 

 I have the biggest ears... so you can tell me anything and I promise... I won't tell a soul!  I'll bring you my brush, I walk through a hula hoop,  I bring back a set of plastic keys after you toss them!  I'm learning the cha cha and I can bow when I'm done.    I'm happiest when you sit on the bench, rub my ears and give me lovings.  I give the best Donk-E hugs!

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Hi!  I'm Sir Galahad!  I'm a 9 year old Alpaca!  I've been with Dottie for only a year!  We've come... a... long....way!  I'm still a little shy...but I will come to you, and gently eat from your hand.  I absolutely love cherios! 

 I've learned quite a lot since I've been here!  The most important thing ...was to trust!  So...that's what I like to teach!

I hum when I go on woods walks...especially when I get to munch on the pine needles and oak leaves...yum!  My favorite feeling?  That feeling I get running through the forest with Solly and Donk E!  There's nothing like it!

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I'm Bart!  I'm a Nigerian Dwarf Goat!  You'll see me in the first part of our journal!  I had to pass on!  But hey!  I was 18 years old... which is really old for a goat!  I had my very own fan club!  Find out why I was called The Best Goat Ever! 
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