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Donk E.s' History

Hi!!!  I'm Donk E. Oaty!  I'm the baby of the family and everybody's always telling me where to go.  Let me tell you my story!  You see...I knew Dottie was coming to get me.  My momma said I had a destiny...whatever that is.  It must be something good because she always told me I was special.

Mom and I were in the back field with our herd of 30 moms and all us kids!  All we did, all day long, was play and eat and nap and play and eat and nap.  We lived outside in a pasture of sweet green grass that was almost as tall as me!  I played and ran and chased all my half brothers and sisters, while our moms ate and made us milk.  In the field across the way, was another 30 moms and their babies too.  That's where I first saw Dottie. 

Dottie was walking through the field with my caregiver.  She had over 800 donkeys to choose from.  We are all different colors, and we have some with spots, too!  Some of the babies ran away, some tried to nip at her.  I could hear Dottie (with my ears....I hear everything!) say...she's looking for a sweet gray male.  
Want to hear something spooky?  Dotties' prayer was to find the perfect little donkey.  When she called on an ad, the woman told her she should call this woman.  When Dottie called, guess what the message was.  "Do we have the perfect little donkey for you!"  So she already knew I'd be here. 
Anyway, she was shaking her head no and told the woman he's not here.  So they hopped into the golf cart and came over to our field.  My mom walked right over and presented me to her.  But then all the other kids started to run over to her.  Some were nipping her hands and boots, They were starting to crowd me out so I stuck my head against her knees and just stood my ground.  She looked down and said this was the one! 
Next thing I know, they're putting this thing on my face.  I think they called it a halter.  They led me through the gate towards her truck.  I looked back to say good bye to my mom, but she was looking over at dad in the other field.  When Dottie opened the back door to her truck, it was loaded with fresh fluffy hay.  She placed me inside, and we were on our way home. 
It was nice to hear her talking to me as I rested my head on the console between the seats.  She'd pat my head and rub my ears.  The only time I said anything was when she pulled up to the drive up window at Mc Donalds for a coffee.  When they opened the window...I could smell all kinds of stuff!  I brayed.  I must of scared the girl, cuz she jumped back, then everyone came to the window to see what the noise was.  Everybody started laughing.  So you see?  I've been making people laugh for almost all my life!

When we finally got to my new home, it was dark out.  She opened the door and led me into the barn.  All of a sudden, this... huge white fuzzy thing... got right in my face!  It really scared me! So Dottie put him in the back barn, and put me in the big barn. 

Then I got to meet B a-a-a-rt, the goat!  He was standing in the corner eating hay.  Dottie fluffed up a big pile of hay, got out her sleeping bag and a pillow, and layed down beside me!

 It was nice to have someone to snuggle with.  But then I started getting thirsty.  I went over to Bart, because he was the only one who had fur.  I gave him a nudge like I did to my mom when I wanted a sip of milk, and he nudged me back.  So I nudged Bart again, and he nudged me back even harder.  I walked over and got a sip of water from the bucket.  It wasn't milk, but it was wet!

That went on a few times during the night.  I got tired, went over to Dottie, and layed down next to her.  The next thing I remember, it was daylight.  Dottie got up and slid open the barn door.  I expected to see all my donkeys and thick green pasture.  Instead I get this big furry white thing right in my face and ka- pooie....he spits me with this big chunky green thing...right between the eyes.  Yeck!  That was gross!  And it smelled! Bad!

But you know what?  He had fur!  I tried to get him to give up some milk, and he spit me again!  And again.  So it was then, that I realized, no more milk for me.  And I learned real quick...the goat butts and the white thing spits.  I learned  the white thing was Galahad, the alpaca.  He warmed up to me pretty fast. I can't help but look up to him.  He really is very sweet and gentle.  Like me!

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