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I'm Galahad, a 9 year old, male alpaca.  I'm kinda like a llama, only smaller.  And I have nicer fur!  So nice, in fact, that they call it "fiber"!  I have the most beautiful, winter sky, blue eyes!  Well...that's what everybody says when they see me!

Let me tell you a little about my life!

I was only 6 months old when I was weaned.   I moved to East Meadow Acres in Carlisle, Massachusetts.  My new parents, Jane and Steve loved and spoiled me very much!  
I had our llama herd to the right, mini horses to the south, and the donkeys at the other end.  I had two best buddies, Hershey and Kuzko. They were alpacas too! All we did was hang out...and wait to be fed!  Life was so good!

One day... Dottie came by for a visit!  She was telling my Mom that she put her prayers out for the perfect critters!  Then she talked about wanting to train them to work with kids with disabilities!   And doing a show to entertain the kids who go to the Double H camp!  I kept hearing my Mom say she won't / can't part with any of us.  She still has every baby that's been born on the farm! 

Next thing I know...I'm was loaded onto the truck.  I got to lay down on a thick pile of hay.  Before I knew what was happening...we were moving.  My farm got smaller, and I could no longer see my people. 
 I was confused because it happened so fast.  And I have to admit...I was a little scared.  But I, too, know that this is my calling!  I want to bring peace and happiness to others!  I think Critter Therapy is a wonderful thing! 

Off to my new adventure!  We drove for a long time.  I just layed down and looked out the window.  She'd talk to me, telling me all the things we were gonna do, and I just hummed along.  Finally... we drive up to my new home.  There to greet me was Ba-a-art, an old friend of my old farm mate, Eeyore!  Eeyore lived with Dottie and Barrrt... before he lived with Jane.

Ba-a-art let me know right away that he was the boss!  We walked around  the fence line as he showed me around my new home.  Dottie brought out a big new pile of hay.  Ba-a-art  and I had a good time just chillin out.  We had the male bonding thing going on.  I knew I was gonna like it here!  I had a nice stall with fresh hay, fresh water and carrots.  Oh...I love carrots!!!

So here I am.  Just setteling in and starting to feel comfortable.  Dotties' truck pulls up to the gate, and out comes this fur ball with legs.  It sounded like someone cranking a rusty hand pump. 

I went to see what it was...and I guess I must of scared the thing, because all of a sudden...I got sent to the back barn, and that young whipper snapper took over my barn, Dottie...and even Baaart!
 Don't get me wrong...the back barn is really cool, and I like it there, but to not have it my choice...well, that didn't settle with me too well.

When morning came, the barn door slid open and there stood the little donkey.  I was so mad that he got my room, that I hawked a spit ball and got him right between the eyes!  Served him right....taking my room!  Then the little bugger came over and tried to nurse from me! So I got him again!  Took a few spits before he learned I don't give milk.  But... he did learn quickly. 

 And he's just so darn cute!  You can't help but love him!  Just when things settled in, and we all knew our spots in the pecking order...along comes..... Solly!  Now don't get me wrong.  We're all unique, just like everybody else....but....what were they thinking???  This guy thinks he's all that...and then some! 

So, here I am today.  It's going on 3 years now, that we've been together as a family!  I try to keep them out of trouble!  Which isn't easy!  I like to watch them do their silly tricks to get a piece of carrot.  All I have to do is look at her with my big blue eyes, to get mine!  She says I'm just so sweet, kind and gentle.  And maybe just a little bit shy!  I'm working on it!  I think I've done really good, so far!


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