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Twice, now... Dottie, got to volunteer at the Double H Ranch , helping Nancy Miller with her silver clay classes.  When she got there, she could feel the love... and see the joy on the campers faces.  This is a camp for "kids" of all ages, living with life threatening illnesses.  This camp is free to the campers...and their families.  All who work there...donate a week of their life, to spend with their camper...letting them just be a kid!  This includes the Doctors, nurses, therapists, counselors, staff and all the invisible people who work behind the scenes to make it happen.

When Dottie had the chance, she went down to their barn area, and watched as a counselor wrapped up a bunny in a towel, and touched it's fur to the campers cheek.  The joy, the happiness, the jubilation that went through him........touched Dottie's soul. 

As she was driving home...she asked God how she could use her gifts... to best help the people.  She had critters before she even knew what they were!  She trained everything from a pig to a parrot!  She loves to bring happiness and peace to others.  She believes that critters are healing to the human soul! 

And then...the answer came to her......

         Critter Therapy for Humans! 
Bringing critters and humans together to share the love,
joy and happiness that each has to offer.

As an answer to her prayers for the perfect critters, we started finding our way to her, one critter at a time.  Who could turn down the chance to bring happiness to those humans that would like a little joy in their life!!!  We all know animals can help heal the human soul, and we have so much to offer!

We all came to the agreement that our "Goal" is to do our show for the kids!  But as we were working hard to reach our goal...we realized...that we also had a mission!  And that mission is to bring joy to as many humans as possible!  We do that through our journal! we are...this gathering of different species...a gift to each other, a bouquet to the world!  The only problem was...we all spoke a different language.  We had to learn how to get along, how to respect each others space, and how far we can push each other before someone gets in trouble!  (It's usually Solly!)

Dottie keeps us busy (and out of trouble) teaching us lots of tricks!  Our goal is to put on a show, to entertain the kids at the Double H Ranch.  It's gonna take a year or two just to get ready, because Donk E and Solly are still so young.  They already learned how to do the cha cha.  And Solly's learning the Waltz!  Soon they'll be able to dance with our friends who use wheelchairs!  And should they drop something, they'll pick it up and place it back in their hand!   Donk E learned how to hoop himself...and now he holds the hoop so the humans can go through it!

 And with Piggy and Mat learning all kinds of tricks...and being easy to transport...we've been able to take the "small" part of our show on the road already, by doing home visits!  And The Double H Ranch just contacted us to invite Piggy and Mat to put on their show for the kids!  So...we're getting there!   Slow...but sure!

Although we get lots of visitors...We are not a petting farm and this is not just a walk in the park. We are constantly being trained and prepared  for our role, working with the disabled and bringing joy to the sad, the lonely  and the gently battered folk.  We help heal their spirits by connecting to ours. 

 So!  Here we are!  One year later!  Our web site made it possible to bring joy and laughter to people all over of all ages!  Follow us as we grow up, and grow together!  Share our sucess, as we master our tricks...and think up new ones!  And someday...our time will come!  And we'll be ready once we hear "Ladies and Gentlemen...may I present "Critter Encounter"!

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