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Sollys Story

Hi!  I'm Solly!  If I had a music video out it would be the song "Bad to the Bone".  Baaart would sing the word "Baaaad."  It makes me laugh just to think about it!  I'm not really bad...I'm just very smart.  I need things to do to keep me out of trouble. That's why I started teaching Dottie Tricks.

When Dottie and Joe came to the farm to meet me, she looked into my eyes, then looked up at the lady selling me and said " He's into everything."  And the lady answered..."yes he is!"  Then Dottie said..."He thinks he's all that."  And the lady answered..."yes, he is."  And they were both right!  Dottie and Joe were expecting to meet a 7 month old mini horse. 
I was for sale for a loooong time!  People would come by to see me... but nobody wanted to take me home!  That is 'till joe and Dottie Showed up!  They brought me home in the back seat of their truck....  And their life will never be the same!
When I got to the farm,it was later in the afternoon.  Dottie had a big pile of hay spread out on the ground.  There, laying down, eating peacefully, was Baaart, Galahad, and Donk E Oaty.  Then she let me go to join them.  I chased them off the hay and started chowing down.  Well....When I didn't want to share...Dottie put me in the fenced in area with a big pile of hay...just for me!  Then I noticed the barn filled with hay, so I went there and started to chow.  Dottie had to go get her tools to block me from getting into the barn, where all the hay was. 

I really kept her busy my first day on the farm!  I got into everything that I could!  I ate everything I could find!  Then I walked over to the tree, and started to chew on the bark!  That did not make her happy!  She ran off and came back with a black tarp, and wrapped the trunk so I couldn't eat it.  So then I just walked over to the next tree, and started to eat that one. 

After she had all the trees wrapped...I walked back to the first tree...and started to chew on the roots!  Ha...this got HER going!  She had to get a wheelbarrel and fill it with all the rocks she has squirrled away!  She placed them around the roots so I couldn't get to them.  Bummer!  I realized she was as smart as me!  And this was gonna be fun!

 I buddied up to her, letting her know that I'll be good. (Ya...right!)  She must of believed me, because she let me out into the big corral! THEN I chased the boys off their hay pile... again!  Don't forget...this was my first day here...I had to let them know who was the boss!

But Dottie saw through me.  She kept telling me what a good boy I was.  That good boys get lovings and bad boys go to the "time out" pen.  That's where I get sent to think about why no one wants to play with me when I bully too much.  It was there that I realized that I'd rather be good.  It's really no fun to be bad and not have anyone to pick on!  So I've been trying real hard to be real good! 
They say that I'll calm down by the time I'm 3 years old.  Dottie says...if I live that long.  She mentioned Solly burgers.  She was only kidding!  But I got the point.  I did finally realize that good boys do get lovings.  And I love being loved.  So I try to be good...
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