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Hi!  My name is Mat!  When you say should sound like M-a-a-a-a-t!  I'm a Pygmy Goat!  I'm 10 days old, in this picture!  I was born September 29, 2009!
Piggy and I came from the same farm...but we didn't really get a chance to get to know eachother!  I was only 1 week old when Dottie saw me at the chicken swap! 
She scooped me right up and snuggled me in her jacket!  Then...when she saw Piggy...she had Diane snuggle me while she scooped up Piggy!  So there we were!   Mike and Bunny...Dottie and Piggy...and me and Diane! 

This is my first morning in my new home!  The milk is warm...and it sure taste different!  But I'm hungry!  And excited!  It's a new day!

Diane and Mike brought Dottie to the chicken swap!  So now Diane has to share my feedings! I never got snuggled like this at feeding time!  I liked it!

This is our new home!  These are my roomies...Bunny and Piggy!

I got to get snuggled by everyone!
I got snuggled a lot!
This is the first time Donk E and I met!  He was afraid I would hog all the attention!  He didn't know about Piggy yet!

I got de horned...twice!  And it still didn't work!

I got the best seat in the house! 

Even when I grew bigger...I still got the best seat!

I got to try on different costumes for my first Halloween!  I like this one the best!
Piggy and I got to go on our first adventure!  We got to be props for Terry's Haunted House in the big city of Lowell!  Boy!  Some of those kids sure looked strange!  And then they came back with more people!  They pointed to us in the cage and said..."See!  I told ya"!
I'm a month old now...and I live for my bottle!
I learned how to give you my paw...and the other one!
Diane comes by to give me lovings all the time!  And she has two goats of her own!  How special am I!
I got to visit Grandma and Grampa for Thanksgiving!  Wayne Jr.  is keeping me out of trouble while Dottie unpacks us!
Time out for a bottle break!
Piggy and I got to dress up as elves and spread Christmas Cheer!  We got to visit lots of poeple!
I even got to meet Santa!  I was a little afraid at first...but then I learned he brings presents!  I asked for carrot and apple pieces!
This is my Grandma!  We're having a quiet moment!  She's had lots of experience bottle feeding...I can tell!
Everybody here uses the litter box...even Bunny!
I tried to learn, too...but I only got as far as putting my two front feet in!  Then I'd go!  Dottie said I was getting close!
This is my dog, Wrex!  He watches over me and tries to keep me out of trouble!
I'm a very good helper!  I'm helping Dottie build our new outdoor house!
I'm such a good helper that Dottie said it takes her three times longer with just the two of us!
This is the first time I got to go into the Big Boys pen!  Galahad was more afraid of me than I was of him!
This is my first sip of water from the Big Boys bucket!  I'm still on the bottle...remember!  I was a little scared because when I looked in...there was somebody already in the bucket looking back at me!
Donk E really took a liking to me!
He took me on my very first woods walk and showed me all the good stuff to eat!
He let me run with him...just like he does with the Big Boys!
Then we got to race back to Dottie!  I won!
It's scary out in the forest...but I feel safe with Donk E!
Every morning after breakfast, Dottie would let me out so that I could go see Donk E!  Then...when I got tired or hungry...I'd hop through the gate and come back up to the house!

Donk E is asking Dottie if he can keep me!  I'm not ready to sleep outside yet...I'm still growing my winter fur!

Besides...I like coming in to take my naps with Piggy after a nice warm bottle!
When it was time for my lunch bottle...I got to visit Mike and Diane at their office!  This is my last we're letting Diane have the honors.  I dunno, though...I like my bottle!  I don't want to not have it!
Mike is running me through all my tricks for our show!  I can stand on my hind feet...walk forward and backward...and turn in a circle!  I can shake hands, too!  And look cute!  I'm real good at that!
This is suppose to be my very last bottle!  Ever!  Everybody's saying I'm too old for a bottle!  Even Dr. Teddy!  I love my breakfast bottle!  And my warm milk bottle when I come in for lunch!  And I especially my snuggle bottle before I go to bed!  I'm just not ready to give them up yet! 
Oh Ya!  And this was when Solly was joking with me...telling me he was growing horns!  The fluffy chicken heard it...who told Romeo...who said everybody was gonna grow horns!   And that they could catch it from me!   What a mess that was! 
Ah...Solly!  He can be a real bully sometimes...and he gets very bossy and eats everybody's food!  But I keep him in line! 

Solly and I bonded when I asked Dottie to let him off his leash so that he could run with Donk E and Galahad.  For Solly to do that...I would have to go on the leash to make sure I don't get stamppled when they do a fly by!  Solly thought that was nice of me to offer...and he liked me ever since!

We're Buddy's, now!  But it always wasn't like that!  Solly didn't like the fact that I ate hay!  He didn't like to share...either!  And he could be a bully!  Donk E kept watch over me to make sure I didn't get picked on!  Donk E said he grew courage to stand up to Solly when I came along!  Good timing!
After I got neutered...I started doing the "head butt" thing!  I couldn't help it!  It just happened! 
When I head butted Donk E...he brought me over to the poo cart...and showed me how to knock it over! 
He wants me to do that every time I get the urge to head butt!  He said it was good for Dottie, because she brought me home!
I got very good at it!
This...ladies and the very last sip of my very last bottle!  I'm ready to give it up!  I'm a Big Boy, now!
Grampa came to visit...and he brought his harmonica!  I got to dance for him!  Donk E got jealous, because I was hogging all the attention!
I love to play the "Bop Toy" with Piggy!  She definitely gets a good rhythm going!  I get the pellets she misses!  She doesn't miss much! 
I still get to be a house goat... as long as I follow the house rule..."4 on the floor"!  That means I can't jump up on anything in the house! 
That rule was made for me!  Piggy had me jump up and knock the food bucket down!  Not a good thing!  I had to go in the time out pen because of that!
Dottie had to make our pen and gate taller the day I learned how to jump over them!
I got to go with Piggy on her first walk outside the pen!  She had to wear a leash! 
We got to take lots of walks!  I'd walk her back to the house when she had to go in for the night!  I sleep outside with the Big Boys now!
I still like to snuggle in with Piggy for my afternoon nap! 
And I wouldn't give up her tongue baths for anything!  No matter how big I get!

And talk about a Bunny with an attitude!  We have one...right here!

Hey...Mat!  I heard that! 

I get to go for woods walks with friends who come to visit!
Yeah...I'm a happy goat!
Slightly spoiled...much loved!
Yep!  That's me!  I'm six months old...and not a kid anymore!  That's hard to say while I'm still wearing the bunny ears! 
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