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Dotties friends, Mike and Diane Stiles, got Dottie out of the house and took her to a chicken swap! 

And look what she brought home...US!

And we're not even chickens!

It's not like we had much time to prepare.... it took everything we had just to get she could bring us home, and make us part of her "family"!  It's like when Baaart got up "there" sounded like so much fun...we couldn't wait to become a part of it!  So here we are...the new kids on the block!

I'm Bunny...a little girl, silver, mini lop.  I'm just like the first bunny that Dottie fell in love with many... many...many years ago!  I was just sitting in a cage with 8 other bunnies, surrounded by cages of chickens.  When Dottie saw me sitting there, looking up at her...that was it!  She picked me up, and put me inside her jacket, paid the guy, and that was that! 

As a bonding thing...she puts a shirt that she with me, so that we get use to each other over night!  I am just so glad I got to the chicken swap in time!  They only have it twice a year!

My name is Mat!  I'm 1 week old!  If you say my name is should sound like this...

I was born the same day Baaart came "home"!  My "then" family gathered up all us farm critters they didn't want to feed over the winter...loaded us into a trailer, and brought us to the "Chicken Swap".  I spent the night in there with donkeys, alpacas, pigs, goats and sheep.


When we got there, we went into a pen, and everyone came to look at us.  I was getting stampled.  My Mom was trying to butt everyone away, but there were too many feet, and every body was scared.  When Dottie saw me getting stepped on, she picked me up and told the man she wanted me.  She couldn't take my mom because she had very long horns, and Dottie was afraid someone would get hurt.  Besides...Mom got sold to a nice young couple who wanted her to milk...and Dottie wanted to bottle feed me like she did Baaart.  We all won!  So she handed the bunny to Mike, and kept me warm and snug inside her jacket!  The lady milked my Mom, and put the milk in a cup so Dottie could feed me when I got home.


And I'm Miss Piggy...the third!  I was on the same farm with Mat and his Mom.  We pigs were kept in the same trailer overnight, with every one else.  What a night that was...I'll tell you!  After Dottie got Mat...she saw me being held by another woman who was buying two pigs.  Dottie started to pray that the woman chooses one of my half sisters, who was smaller tham me! 
It was pretty scarry for awhile, as the woman was trying to make up her mind!  But the woman chose my Dottie handed Mat to Diane, who put him inside her jacket...and Mike had the bunny under his jacket...and Dottie picked me up and snuggled me inside her jacket...and we were off!  Believe me when I say it had to be love...because I spent the night in that trailer...And I'm wicked low to the ground!  I didn't smell very good...but Dottie loved me anyway!  How good is that!
We are three "Silky" chickens that Dottie brought home from the Chicken Swap!  We're under a heat lamp right now...that's why we look pink!

We were glad to have each other for company on our first night coming home.  Piggy was so warm to snuggle up to!

After our last night with our past was really nice to curl up and go to sleep without getting stepped on.  We had fresh clean and water...and in my case milk!

I wonder how my Mom's doing?  I miss her. 


New morning!  New life!

We're hungry...feed us!

Ya...feed us!

It taste just like Mom!  But it feels wierd!  It's warm...but not soft like Mom.  Oh is what it is!   And I'm thirsty!
I think I'll sleep in this morning!  I had to listen to Miss Piggy snore all night long!  I got use to it after awhile...but it took a long time!  Bunnies don't snore!  We don't grunt...or baaaaa, either. 

Diane came over for my 10 o'clock feeding! 

Mike is giving me ear rubs!  How lucky am I, as a have this kind of life!  All pigs should be so lucky!
I knew I was gonna like it here!  Diane is my Fairy Grandmother!  She'll hold me till I fall asleep in her arms!
Mike is feeding me my grain!  It's because of Mike and Diane that we even got we owe them a lot!

Ya...we are all glad we got together!  We all feel comfortable here...and most importamt, loved and at home!

It's hard to believe just yesterday...I was a pig!  Today...I am Miss Piggy.  Or as Dottie calls me, "Piggy...Piggy...Piggy!

Yes!  And yesterday...I was a bunny!  And today....  I'm still a bunny!

We got to go into the front corral for some grass and fresh falling leaves!
This morning Dottie brought us fresh front field for breakfast!  Wild flowers and all!
We miss you.  We know your busy....but we want attention, too!

You'll bring out some carrots?


I miss you, too! Thank you!
This is our home for now!  Filled with fresh hay!
Are we lucky, or what!
Ya...we're all settled in!
Sweet dreams!

And it starts!  Dottie took her good rug out and replaced it with an indoor outdoor carpet!  Just in case of an accident!  Dottie will be building us a pen, here in the corner!  The crate there now has a baby pheasant in it.  When the guy at the chicken swap brought out the pheasants...the little one was getting run over by all the other ones he stuffed into the cage to sell.  This one had her wing stuck in the wire, and it got folded over backwards.  Dottie made him take her out of the cage, and brought her home too.  She's in the crate so she can heal, before she goes out with the other three!

What a difference a day makes!  Here's our new pen!  Can't really call it just a "pig pen"!  But it's a nice home for us!

Now it's our turn to go out!

Hi Dottie!
Good Morning!
Good Morning!
Hey Dottie!
Good Morning!

I guess I was named "Fur Ball"!
Dottie keeps us in the chicken coop, till we are old enough to go outside like the big chickens!

Come on...Galahad!

Let's play!

Is that cherios I hear ratteling in your pocket?



May I have some too...please?

Did someone say ....Cherios???? some for me!

Hey, Dottie...

Can we go for a woods walk?

Did I hear someone say "woods walk"!  Hey...I'm all over that!

Boy...that Donk E hears everything with those ears!

Here they come!

You're touching me....

Am I am!

Dottie...he's touching me!

And there they go!

Well...that was fast!

So where have you been hiding?  We miss you!

You've been busy, alot...lately!

What are you up to, now?

Oh...good!  I like surprises!

Joe has the apple bowl!

Me first...Galahad!

Hello, Blonde Chick...

Feel like some company?

This is Joe!  He's warm...and comfortable!

Every bodys asking Dottie what he thinks of us!

Dottie says she doesn't know...he's not talking to her, yet!

I'm on a new floor...and It's scarey! 
It's okay...I'll just walk only on the black squares!
You're gonna take us outside to meet the rest of our family?
This whole place is edible!
What IS that?

Awwww...come on you guys...don't be chickens...

The little one is a Baaart!

Jeeze, Galahad...what the heck was that noise you just made?

I'm sorry, just came out!  That's an alpaca alarm call...

What is that thing in there?  I never heard or smelled anything like that in my life!

What are you?

Dottie calls me "Piggy Piggy Piggy"!  But I'm Miss Piggy to you!

And who's THAT!

That's not That....that's M-a-a-a-a-a-t!  He's my brother! 

This taste good!!!

What is it?

See the silver dots on the top of my head?  I went to the vet today to fix me so that I don't grow horns, like my Mom had. 

That's an Oak leaf!

I found some nice round nuts to crunch on!

Piggy...this one taste different!  It's sweeter!  What kind is this?

Ma-a-a-a-a-ple?  It's really good, too!

Piggy...I'm getting cold...can we go in now?

THIS was the... "Surprise"?

Well thanks alot!  I was expecting some apple or carrot bits!  But this?

What were you thinking?

They're not staying...are they?

I'm still your Best Donk E...right?

Ha! Ha!  Donk E!  You're gonna be replaced by a PIG!

No sa!

Yes sa!

Auntie Diane came by to feed me my bottle!  She has alot of experience doing this!  She has 4 Grand "kids"!
And our Fairy Grandmother, Diane, came over to give me my good night bottle!  When I'm done, she'll snuggle me till I fall asleep!

You're back, Mat...I missed you!

Mind if I hang out with you for awhile?
Hey you guys...why don't you come in here and take a nap in the hay!
There's plenty of room, and it's warm and soft on this side!

It is nice and warm...zzzzzzz


It wouldn't be so bad...if she didn't snort in her sleep!
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