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January 20

We got even more snow!
It's snowed for three days now!  Where's this global warming everybody's always talking about?

I don't remember ever seeing this much snow before, Donk E!  In all twelve years of my life!

Me too... Galahad!  In all two and a half years of mine!   It would snow...then disappear!  Then it would snow again!  And disappear!  But this stuff just keeps growing deeper and deeper!

The snow is almost as tall as me!  I don't even remember it snowing, last winter!

That's because you lived in the house with Piggy and Bunny last winter, Mat!  You were only a baby!    And you were drinking a bottle!

( Click here to see Mat's baby pictures!  Oct 8, 2009!)

Hey, you guys!  Joe's out!  Let's go say hi!

Hi Joe!  Busy plowing, huh?

Look at all the snow!

Not too busy to give Donk E lovings...are ya?

Mat lovings...too!

We all want lovings!

Play with us, Joe!  You've been pushing snow for days, now!
Come on...put 'em up!  Put 'em up!  I'm gonna get you!
Can we help you get done so we can all go for a walk?
Let's go for a walk and eat some nice tender pine!
I think the snow's too deep for me!

It's Solly...the Wonder Horse!  To the rescue!

I'll break the trail...and you follow behind me, little buddy!

That makes it much easier, now!  Thanks Solly!

Which way should we go?
There's plenty to eat over here, Galahad!
There's some nice tender pine over here!

Let's go this way!

I want to go this way!

Hey...Donk E!  Wanna do a woods run?

You're on, Solly!  And this time...I'm gonna win!

I'm giving it everything I've got!
I think I'll just hold back a little!  Donk E's running his heart out!

You beat me, Donk E!  Fair and square!

Aw...Solly!  I know you let me win!

Wow!  Oak leaves, Solly! 
They weren't there a minute ago!'d you do that, Solly?
I dug them up with my nose, Donk E!
That's cool, Solly!  Where'd you learn how to do that?

Piggy showed me how to dig for acorns with my nose , Donk E!

Speaking of Piggy... why isn't she out walking with us?

The snow's too deep for her, Donk E!

Oh!  Maybe we should bring some oak leaves back for her, then!

Hey you guys!  I want to head back now!  It's getting late...and my belly's cold!

OK, Mat!  I'm ready to go back to the barn, too!

Hey comes Donk E!

Is Solly coming, too...Galahad?

Solly!  Where are you?  We're heading back to the barn, now!

I just ran my third lap, Donk E!  Hey?  Wanna do a lap with me before we head in?

Na...  I'm ready to head home!

Hey...Galahad?  I wonder if Dottie will make us some hot oatmeal for a come back snack?

That would be nice treat, Mat!  Especially if she puts applesauce in it, too!

What do you guys say?  Wanna ask for some hot oat meal when we get back to the barn?

Here she comes with the pan!  Did you put applesauce in it? 

 And molassas?

And apple chunks?

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