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Happy Happy!  Haloween!

As long as I have my bottle....I'm a happy goat!

I'm even a happy goat... when I don't have my bottle!


Is this something I can eat?

Okay!!!  I'm looking cute...

Hurry up and take the picture!

I can't believe she stuffed me in this pumpkin!

My fur is gonna be all wet and yucky!

Will you hurry up and just take it!

I don't have to look cute...I am cute!

Just take the picture and let me out of here!

Pumpkin stuffin was not in my job description! smell really good!



It smells pretty good!

But it taste even better!

They both smell really really good!

Hey this edible?  What kind of leaf is this?

It's a fake leaf, Mat!

Can I eat it?

I wouldn't...expecially when you have a bed full of real ones!

You're feeding me pumpkin guts?

I can eat this stuff?

MMMMMMMMMMMM!  Snort...snort... This stuff is really, really good!

It's so good.... snort...snort...I just might make a pig out of myself and eat it all!

Heresssss my friend Noel!  He came up from Rhode Island with him Mom, to visit usssss!  He never held a ssssnake, before! 

And then he got REAL brave, and put me around his neck!   He got to take a piece of the dried ssssskin I shedded home with him... as a sssssouvenir! 

I give the best neck massarges around! 

Cool!  Carrots!   Gimme, gimme, gimme!

Hi!  I'm Galahad...and you are?

Hey Donk's my turn!
He's only getting one...right?

I was wondering where everybody went!  I was getting hungry!  Give me my bottle!

Who are you?


Can you hold the bottle up a little more?  I'm sucking air here!

Good job!

If you say"Rub your tummy", I'll roll over like this!  Now you have to rub my tummy!
Come on, Piggy...move're hoggin the food!
I think I'll just stretch out here...and take a bunny nap!
Wanna lay down with me and take a nap?

Sounds good to me...I'm really tired after all....that...excitement..........



Donk E...what is it?

I'm not sure kinda reminds me of Baaart.  Smells like him, too!  He must be a goat!

Hey...kid...who are you?

Dottie...who am I again?

I'm Mat!

You say it like..... Ma-a-a-a-a-t!


I'm your new "kid" brother!

You must be Donk E Oaty!  The Best Donk E ever!

And you must be Sir Galahad!  I heard all about you!

We have a new baby brother?
Hey kid...
I'm talking to you...
You're not gonna hog all the attention...are you?

Who me?  You talkin to me?!!!


I'm not gonna hog the attention...

Wait till you meet you little sister...Miss Piggy!

Now...she's a real hog!

I have a ....sister?

We have a new sister?

Is that what that was?

Donk E and Galahad are afraid of the new ones "hogging"all the attention!

Wait till they find out their "sister" is a real hog!

Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!

Here's my new fence!  Seeing I spend so much time in the "time out" pen...Dottie figured I should have more she took out the old fence...and gave me a bigger room!
This way Solly can still get to the hay rack, and we still have a chance to eat...before he eats it all!
This works for me!  I get to eat the whole top of the pile!  How good is that!
Not bad, Solly!  I like the new digs!
Donk E...what do you have there?  Hey..That's my leaf!
My rules!
This is my auntie Mary!  She lives next door to us!   Mary always brings the farm bread, carrots and goodies.   This is the first time we got to meet...and she was just in time to feed me my bottle!   I'm glad to have her in my new life!
I found the warmest place to rest while Dottie gets my bottle ready!  Her boots smell right like home!
Where have you been?  I've been waiting all day for some lovings!


Apples and english muffins...with raisins!

This is our winter decor!  Dottie puts branches and hay and leaves so that we can tunnel under them to keep warm when it starts to get cold!
And this is my home, ready for the winter!  I'll be getting more branches, hay and leaves as the cold weather starts coming!  Dottie had to put boards at the very end because Donk E and Solly were trying to get at my hay! 
This is my new door!  See the square in the bottom on the left?  That's my bunny door!  That way "The Boys" can't get at my food and try to eat it!  I can still come and go as I please!  I just can't get into the girls place...It's all wired!  Bumma!
Dottie had to bring back the tool wagon!  She had to add boards where Solly eats because Donk E kept nipping his feet through the fence!  Fixed that problem!  Wonder what's next?
Then she had to add another board to the front because Solly and Donk E were pawing at the wire, trying to get at my bunny pellets!  She fixed them!
Here I am in my new bunny door!  Cool...hunh!
Mmmmm...and what do we have here?  Fresh carrots...right from the garden!

These are wierd looking carrots!

When will I be able to dine with the ladies?

This isn't fair!  Now we can't get to the bunny food!

Oh come on...just a handful of those little green pellets?


Talk about being under pressure!  I'm trying to lay my egg before Solly eats all the hay!

Going down!

Our fairy grandparents came by to give me my bottle!

And I got my tummy rubbed!  Snort...snort!

How about a little kiss?
My tummy is full!  Now it's time for a nap!
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