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Can we come out now?
Hey!!!   Doors open!  Come on you guys...get quacking!

Hi Ho...Hi's off to work we go....


Okay...Spread out!

If it it!

 Hi Dottie!

Hi Dottie

Good morning, Dottie

Hey girl

Hi Dottie

Here we come!  Got any goodies?

Here's the clock Joe built for the Rebuilding Together auction next month! 

The wood is from our own trees! 

 What a beautiful piece...sure it will make someone happy!

Dottie and Joe...say hello!
Belinda came back to get another chicken!  Dottie had given all the babies away, then realized that she didn't have a friend for Eagle.  So she went to her neighbors, and got two young hens, and gave one to Belinda, and we kept the other one for Eagle!

Things are pretty quiet around here this morning.  We're all actually getting along!  When Baaart left, Dottie didn't even come out of the house for a whole day. 

And she hasn't even been taking pictures of us.

I think she's sad cuz she just lost her best buddy.

Ya...well....she still has us!

Hey left your coffee over there.

I tried to bring it to you!

It was good! 

Hey Joe!  Now if you were a wouldn't have to work like that!

Oh come on...let me out!

I'll be good!



that was the last time!

I mean it this time.


It's just not the same without Baaart here.

I really miss that old goat!


Even though I can't see him...

I can still feel him.  Wierd...hunh?

The others miss him too!

We all do!

I'm just making sure you know how much I love you!


Oh Boy!   We get forest floor for lunch, today!  There's even a chunk of moss covered stump!  This is too cool!
Come on, Galahad...she's letting every one out to eat!
Yes...I want to go for a walk!
I'm wearing the gotchya rope...I don't need the leash!

Yee Ha! 

We are free!

Come on, Donk E...race you to the top of the hill!

This is where we run past Joe!

If he touches us...we loose a point!

If we run past him and he doesn't touch us....we win!

We win alot!


Choices....let me see....

The oak leaf...the maple leaf....

or the tender little fern....hmmmmm

Hey...come on you guys...race you to the power lines!



This is so nice!


Let's see if I can get Solly to race!

You're on Donk E!

I'm so glad Dottie took us for a walk today....we really needed to do something fun.  Things have been pretty quiet, around the farm.  It feels good to run... and run... and run! tell me...

Is it cheating if you let the other guy win?

Or are you  being nice and considerate... 


You can tell Sollys flower drops kicked in!

and it couldn't be soon enough!

When Dr. Teddy told Dottie that mini horses don't mellow out till they're 8...we almost all dropped to the floor! 

 Dottie told Phyllis, that if these flower drops work for the third time...she would make a page on the site just for the flower drops.  We can tell how good they work!  Solly is actually fun to be with...when he's not all mean and bossy!  He actually likes himself, too! 

These yellow flowers are in bloom!  Not only are they pretty....but they're pretty good tasting, too!


and these oak leaves are a mixture of crispy and soft at the same time!

I can't believe they just fall from the sky!

Dottie tells us to "walk ahead" we do!

It's like walking through a buffet line!

As soon as we hear her say "turn around"....

we hurry back to her!

Not only does this make her happy....but she has a pocket full of cherioes!

First one back...gets the goodies!

Second one back gets the goodies too!

I still have to wear the leash...can you believe it?

The few times Dottie let me off the leash...I went for a walk about in the forest!

It's just a mis understanding....I figured off the leash means that I can go where ever I want!

It doesn't mean the same thing to Dottie, though! least she's not at the end of the that's a good thing!

We get to run free!  But only because I've been a good boy!

It's gutta be those flower drops!  Hey...that's okay!  I like being good!

Every one else likes me to be good, too!

Joe stopped mowing this big field so we can mow it for him!  What a guy!

And the leaves are's like walking in a bowl of fruit loops!  The yellow and red leaves taste the best!  Well...the green leaves, too!...and the fresh grass...that's good too!  And the brown ones!  Ya know what?    They're all good!

What a beautiful day!  This "Autum" has to be my most favorate time of the year! 
So here we are...munching away in the big front field!

And I am being very, very good!

I'm so proud of myself!

And every one's so proud of me!

I'll say!  I love to be with Solly when he's nice like this!

Why can't you be like this all the time, Solly?


It's really nice to see those two getting along!
You go ahead, Blonde Chick...we saved the best for you!
This is my favorate place to rest...way up here! 

Oh Boy!

Fresh carrots!

Oh ya, Butterscotch....come down for the food!

When the girls squabble like that...

They sound just like the chickens!

Now that Baaarts gone...

I want to be the ambassadoor!

Not only do you get the biggest room, but you get the secret door, too!  That way you can come and go when you want...and you get to greet people when they come to visit!

Hey Donk'd you do that?

I'm the new ambassadoor, Solly!

I want to be the ambassadoor, Donk!

Sorry Solly...but you wanted to be the boss, remember?   I get to be the ambassadoor!  Ha ha!

I still can't believe Baaart left us.  I keep checking all his hang out spots...but he's not there. 

I really miss that old goat!

All the other chickens are really trying to be nice to me...every body's trying to be nice to everybody!  I can still hear Baaart telling all of us...."why can't you all just get along?"


Dottie lets us out of the duck pen every day, after the boys get put in the field!
And once the ducks are out...we get to go into the duck pen and eat the rest of their food, while they're out looking for bugs and slimy slugs!
It seems like just yesterday...we were little yellow fluff balls!
Gee, Blonde Chick...I'm really sorry that you lost your friend.  He was a very special goat!

I'm sorry, too, Blonde Chick!  I know how much you loved him...we miss him, too!

But life goes on!  And even Baaart said..."evey day is a gift"!

 I don't think he would want you all sad like this.

You come hang out with us.  We'll make you feel better...okay?

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