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January 17

It snowed in Bunny land last night!
This is one of the entrances to our den!  
These are our bunny tracks!
Dottie's following our tracks to see where we are!
Nope!  We're not in the underground den!
Keep going!  You're getting warm! I am!  Up here!

It's about time you got to our page for the website!  You're only a week late!  We thought you lost our photos or something!

We've had two snow storms, an ice storm and then two more snow storms since you took these photos! 
You and Joe have been pretty busy with the snow...I know!  But now it's time to catch up on our site before the next storm comes!  Where's Romeo?  I bet he's still sleeping!

I'm awake, Juliet!  What's up?

About time you got out of bed, Romeo!


It's nice and warm in the den, Juliet!  It's cold and snowy out here!

Our den is nice and toasty... I have to admit, Romeo!

But it's time for breakfast!

Cool!  After you, Juliet!

Oh...goody!  She gave us bread for desert!

Save some for me!

Eat your pellets, first Romeo...before you have desert!

Aw...gee!  Do I have to?

I'm gonna go see what the girls are up to!
Look at all that fresh fallen snow!  We don't get snow in here!  I wish we did, though!  It looks so pretty out there!
Thanks for the treats, Dottie!  When can we go out and run around?  ...But the spring is still 3 months away!  That's almost bunny time!
Hey Bunnie...wake up!  I think Romeo's callin you!
Hey awake, yet?
Romeo...I'm here!  What's up?
 It snowed out last night!

I know, Romeo!  I was just wishing I could be running around in it!

Don't wish that...Bunnie!

The grass is greener...on your side of the fence!
That's true!  I'll need to remember that!  At least 'till spring comes back!
Hey Dottie!  The girls and I left you some presents!
Could you empty the nest so we can have more room?
Mmmmmmmm!  Fresh favorite!
Oh...boy!  A neck scratch and a back rub!  Did you find the presents I left for you?
You better get them...before they freeze!
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