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January 21



Zeekie Kitty...are you sleeping?

Not any more!  What's up, Piggy?

I'm bored, Zeekie!  I wanna do something!

Take a nap, Piggy!  It's a good day for a cat nap!

Na...I don't wanna take a nap, Zeekie!

I wanna go outside...but Dottie won't let me go for a woods walk!

I miss Mat and the boys!

 I wanna go out and find acorns!  I've got a craving for acorns!

You won't be able to find any out there, Piggy!

Piggy...there's a lot of snow out there!  And it's wicked cold!

I walked in snow before, Zeekie!  I just suck my belly up so it doesn't touch the snow!

Piggy...I'm telling don't want want to go out there!
Trust me on this...Piggy!  Be thankful you're a house pig!
I am very thankful I'm a house pig!  But I still wanna go out with the boys and eat acorns!  I havn't been out on a walk for a week!
Dottie?  Please let Piggy go I can get some sleep!
Oh!  Boy!  I get to go out and eat acorns!  Ok...boys!  Here I come!
Whoa!  Hey...  What is this?  Who put a wall here?
It's twice as tall as I am!
Ahhhh... never mind!  I think I changed my mind!
Zeekie Kitty was right!  I don't want to go out there!
Look at all that snow!  I could get lost out there!
I can't believe how cold it is!  I'm frozen from my ears to my tail!  I'm ready to come in, now!  Hello?  Hey!  Open the door!  I wanna come in!  Brrrrrrrr....
Oh Boy!  Hot oatmeal with apple pieces!  Yes...yes!
Yum...yum...yum!  Talk about sticking to your ribs!
I told wouldn't like it out there!
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