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December 13

Hey...Dottie?  Is there really a Santa Clause?  Solly said no...and Mat said there is!

I told them Piggy and I got to
visit Santa last year!  But they don't believe me!

Is there really a Santa Clause, Dottie?

I'm telling you guys!  There really is a Santa Clause!


I believe him, Donk E!

He wears a red suit and his face is covered in long, white fur!

Is Santa an Alpaca, Mat?

Santa also keeps track of who's been naughty or nice!  That's his job!

I've been nice...haven't I, Mat?

How does Santa know who's naughty or nice, Mat?
Santa has a list of everybody who was naughty?
You're kidding me, right, Mat?

And if you've been good...he gives you treats!

Oh!  I like treats!

What does Santa give you...if you've been naughty?
A chunk of black rock, I guess!  I'm not sure because I got treats!  And Piggy, too!
You just have to ask Santa for something...and he'll get it for you? 
I don't really want anything!  I have everything I need!  Family, friends, food...a nice place to live...
...where I can run free through the forest...
... jump over logs... tender young pine!

What more could an alpaca ask for!

Hi Galahad!  Donk E still doesn't believe me about Santa!

I do, Mat!

So what are you asking Santa for, Mat?
I want my horns back!

Oh.... we kinda like you without them, Mat!

Well ...I want them back keep Solly in line!

I know what I can ask Santa for!
Shouldn't we be getting ready for Santa?  We've got a lot to do!

Come on, Donk E!  Let's go back to the barn and get ready for Santa!

You go ahead, Mat!  I'll catch up to you!

Dottie?  Can I ask you something?
Is there really a Santa Clause?
Santa only visits those who believe in him?  I believe...I believe!
Hey you guys!  Wait for me!  Come on!  We've got a lot of work to do, to get ready for Santa!
It's about time you guys got back!  I can't believe you went on a woods walk and left me stuck the bad boy pen!  Look!  She put out five piles of hay!  You guys only needed the one!
Oh!  Here we go!  Solly the Wonda Diva!  Hay hog!

Don't listen to him, Donk E!

Ya!  Wonder what Santa's gonna bring him?

Hey you guys...wait for me!

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