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December 12

Donk E!  What are you up to now!  What's with the hat?

I want to be a house Donk E...just like Piggy!  So I thought this would help!

Hey Dottie!  The boys are at the bird feeder again!
With the ground makes it tough to dig up the roots!

What are you guys eating over there...Donk E?

We found the bird feeder, Piggy!  And Joe keeps it filled all winter!

Donk E...why'd ya have to tell Piggy?  Now she's gonna hog them all!

Solly...she finds us all the good acorn spots!  That's why!

Can we go down to the front field, to graze?
That's a great idea!  Let's go!

I'll be right back, Donk E?

Where ya going, Piggy!

Ladies room!

Oh!  Ok!

Hey, Donk E...Dottie already closed the gates on the bridge!

She has to, Galahad...because of Solly!

Where is Solly, Donk E?

He's still sucking up bird seed, Galahad!

He'll be there forever, Donk E!  I'm!

You're always hungry, Piggy!

You go ahead, Galahad...I'm gonna wait for Solly!

Ok!  Catch ya down there!

Solly!  Are you coming...or what?
Hey... Donk E!  Race ya to the garden!  The looser's a looser!
That's so not fair!  He had a running start...all the way from the top of the hill!  And I waited for him, too! 
(big... long... sigh)
Aw...Donk E...don't listen to Solly!  He's just being a "Show Up"!  You know... he has to show off all the time...and then he has to one up you!  It's a Solly thing!
Donk E...don't feel're not a looser!  Solly's a winner... that's all!  He's just being Solly...the wonder horse thing...
Ya...Solly!  You're a winner, alright! 

Gee, Mat...I can't believe how Solly is acting!

I know,Piggy!  He's been acting all diva like since Dottie took the fence down to make the show ring!

I can't believe he won't let us eat on that side of the field!

Donk come with us...okay?

Thanks...Piggy.  (big sigh...)

Hey!  There's Dottie!  I'm gonna go get a belly rub!

Hey, Donk E...I wanna get a belly rub, too!

I'm after you, Mat!

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