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Mat and Piggy meet Santa! 

Mat and I are going to meet Santa at PetCo!  I'm so excited!  I've been a very good pig!
Diane walked me on my leash...but Dottie had to bring Piggy in the wheelbarrel!  She really likes the ride...but not me!  I like to walk on the leash!  Piggy hasn't learned how yet!  And as long as Dottie wheels her around...she won't want to learn!
We had to wait for Santa to get ready!  Dottie got to bring us early, because she was afraid of dogs not liking us.  I wasn't scared, though...because I have a dog!  We got to meet lots of nice people while we waited for Santa!

Yes I'm a good little Piggy!  And you're a very nice man!  I'm here to meet about you?

Before Santa comes...can you do me a favor...and define "Naughty"?
People couldn't believe that Piggy and I are so well behaved!
At first...I was really scared of Santa!  And his beard tasted funny!
I got over that pretty quick...once Diane told me Santa brings us presents!
Let me think...what do I want for Christmas!   Hmmmmm.....
I'd like some appricots and some oak leaves!
Oh!  And a bigger bottle!  Ya....a new bigger bottle!

Have I been good?  Naaaaaaaaa....I mean yaaaaaaaa!

Dottie...Mat's hogging Santa...when's it gonna be my turn?
Of course I've been good!  I can't believe that Santa has a Potbelly pig, too!
What would I like for Christmas?  How about some apple...cashews...raisins...and I had chineese food last night...I liked it!  I'll have a number 7!  That was delicious!
...and a new blanket!  And a squeeky toy!
Ooops...I forgot to ask for carrots for Bunny!
How come Piggy gets to wear the antlers?  I want to wear the antlers!
Piggy's my sister!
I got to meet two of the sweetest little girls!  How lucky am I!
Would you like a Piggy kiss?  I give the best!
It made me sad when this little girl was afraid to pat me..  But her Dad that made me feel better!
Well...for one thing...we're both pink!
The little girl wasn't afraid to pat me!'re just so cute, too!
What a fun time we had!  We sure got lots of lovings!
Can we go home now, Diane...I want my bottle!
I don't want to leave yet...I'm still getting lovings!
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