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December 15
Getting Ready for Santa

What's Dottie up to, Mat?

She's stringing Christmas lights, Donk E!

Hey, Mat!  Wanna tip over the ladder?

Don't you dare, Donk E!

That would be "naughty", Donk E!  You don't wanna be you?

No...I guess not!

They need to go up higher, Dottie!
Let me see if I can help!

Hey Dottie...want me to pull them off the ladder for you?  I almost have them!

Solly... don't do it!  You'll be naughty!  Santa won't like that!

Solly doesn't believe in Santa, Donk E!

The lights are beautiful!  Like a million tiny colored stars!
Santa will be able to find us now!

The roll of lights is empty! 

Do we have any more, Donk E?

Do you want this?
Here ya go, Dottie!
I did good...helping you!  Didn't I?
Will you make sure to tell Santa...I was a good helper?
I was a good helper, too!  Right, Dottie?

Zeekie?  You awake?

I am now, Piggy!

What are you asking Santa for?
Cat nip!
Dottie...can you fill my bop toy?
I love this bop toy! 

Zeekie?  Sure you don't wanna play bop toy with me?  It's fun!  Really!


I want to take a cat nap!  Now be a good Piggy...and go take a nap!
Sounds like a good idea...but I'm not really tired! awake?  I can't sleep!  I'm not tired...I'm hungry!'re always hungry!

Ho Ho!  Dottie forgot to lock the gate!

Cat food bowl is empty!

That's Momma Kitty calling Dottie...and she doesn't sound too happy! have to do something about Piggy!  She just emptied our food bowl...and didn't even leave us a crumb!
Well...she did say she was hungry!
Hey!  You left the gate open!  What did you expect?  I'm a pig!  (Burp)...excuse me!
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