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May 17

Mike and Diane Stiles invite you to come to their "Antique Tractor" Show!

This Friday, Saturday and Sunday!  This will be our first Public Show!  Come and see us do our thing!  It's free...and fun!

If you can find the time....bring the family and friends to the Tractor Show!  Nice people...good food, and of course plenty of old tractors to explore!  Great for all ages! 
You'll get to see us Critters, walking around!  We'll be the ambassadors!  Plus...we get to do our tricks in front of a live audience!  We've been working hard...getting ready for our show for the Double H Camp!  This is kinda like our practice run!

So!  Come on down!  Meet us in person!  Maybe you can even get our autograph! 

If you want to see last years Tractor here!

Momma...we're bored!

Ya!  Can we go outside into the big world?

I wanna go outside!

Can we Mom?

I said you're not ready yet!  You need to be able to fly to safety, before you go out there!

I'm nest sitting...and I don't want to be bothered!  I have to turn my eggs, and keep the heat on them...just so!  I don't even eat or drink...I just sit...and wait!  Soon!  Soon my little babies will make their first peeps!
I'm waiting with her!  It seems like it's taking forever!
I'm playing the waiting game, too!  Some times...I get so nervouse...that I just keep waddling back and forth!  It drives her crazy!  I can't help it, though!  This is my first time I'm gonna be a dad!

Look at how big it is, out there!

When do you think we'll be able to "fly the coop"?

What's this green stuff, Mommy?

It's called grass.  You find bugs in it...and you eat them!

You want us to eat...bugs?

Just keep scratching around till you see something move...then eat it!

Na...I don't think I can, Mom...

You first!

I think I'll just stick with the cracked corn and pellets, Mom!

Mom...I think I want to be a vegetarian!

Kids today!  Sheesh!

Thanks for putting our water up here!  It stays nice and clean!  It got all muddy down there, with us scratching in the dirt!
Ahhhh!  Dirt bath and sun rays!  It doesn't get better than this!
Strawberries and bananas!  Yum!
Hey Wayne!  Last one to the front field has to clean our stalls!

Donk E...race you to the river!

You're on, Solly!

I win!  Race you to the willow tree!
Solly's already at the willow tree!  Now he's heading back! 
I win!  Come on, Donk E!  Race ya to the old bridge!

I win again!  Race ya to the new bridge, Donk E!

No way...Solly!  Why would I keep racing you when you always win?

Cuz...I'll let you win this one!  OK?

Sounds fair to me!
Ha Ha!  I got a head start!
Hey Donk E...Donk E...wait up!

Donk're going the wrong way!  This way!


I win!  Ha Ha!  Even if it was a "pitty" still feels great!
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