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May 18

Today I got to visit with Dr. Emilie!  She had to take my stitches out from my spaying!  All looks great...or so I am told!  I can't see them!  Dottie had to hold the camera under my belly to take pictures as I was healing!  She could see my incision without me even doing a belly rub roll over!

Dr Emilie...this is my brother, Mat!  Mat...this is my vet...Dr. Emilie!

You're a vet?  You're not gonna hurt me, are you?

You have a kind soul and a gentle touch, Dr. Emilie!

See!  I told you, Mat!  She's an Angel!  And look who else we brought to visit!  We brought Diane!

Once you set the pins up, Dr. Emilie...I knock them down!  You have to count out loud as they fall!  One...two...three!  Then you have to count out three pellets!  One for each pin I drop!  Good Girl!
Auntie Diane...Auntie Diane!  Now it's our turn to do a trick!  Auntie Diane...tell me up pretty!  Kristen...are you watching?  I can walk forward, too, Dr. Emilie!
You have to count out each time I flip this tire!  I get a pellet for each flip!  Ready?
This makes three flips!  Yeah!
Ah Ha!  I got them all down!  That will be three more pellets, please!
This trick is too easy! All I have to do is push the truck, to get a pellet!  I taught Dottie to give me another pellet if I make it dump!

Yes...I can still tell you the colors...even when you mix them up!  This is the green one!

Hmmmm....Dr. Emilie...we're missing something, here!  You're suppose to give me a pellet a color...not one pellet for the whole trick!  Excuse me?  I should be getting only one pellet because I put on more weight?
Well then!  No color!  I don't want to play anymore, then!
Hey Piggy!  It looks like Donk E found something good!  Let's go check it out!
Hey Donk E...whatcha gut there?

 Whadya find, Donk E?

I found some really good weeds, Piggy...and they're mine!

You are gonna share, Donk E...aren't you?

Hmmmmm.....Something smells fishy!  I wonder what this is?

Wrexie...what cha doing?

It's so hot, Piggy!  Do you and Donk E wanna play water fetch?

I fetch, Wrex...but not in the water!  There's fish in there!

Wanna throw a stick for me?
What a great day for a swim!
Happy Dog!  Happy Dog!  I love water fetch!

I can't believe he'd go in the water, Mat!  Donk E told me fish pee in there!

You won't catch me in the water, Piggy!  I don't even like the rain getting me wet!

Donk E...why didn't you tell Wrex about the fish pee?

He'll figure it out, Piggy! 

Hey...Solly!  Can I ask you something?

What's up, Piggy?

Do you like going in the water, Solly?

Piggy...I don't even like getting sprayed with the hose!  Why would I want to play in the water?

 I don't like it, either, Piggy!   But Galahad does!  He likes the hose!


Do you think I could have a kiddy pool?  Like I saw on TV?

Wow...Piggy!  Look how tall the grass is!

Well...Mat....start eating before I get it all!

Can I lay down with you?  I'm ready for a nap!
I'm getting very sleepy!

Did someone say nap time?  Count me in!

Awww...Piggy!  I was comfortable!

You're all taking naps?  Can I join ya?
What do you mean...there's not enough room?
Thanks, Dottie!  I would have been squished...for sure!
I'll just lay over here...where there's more room!  Every body's happy!  I love you!
Weren't these flowers yellow last week?
For real?!!  If I blow the fuzz wish will come true?!!
Is my chin yellow, Piggy?  Dottie said if I hold my chin over a yellow flower...and it turns my chin yellow...that means I like butter!  Or something like that!  I know I like butter!  Especially on popcorn!

What did you wish for, Piggy?

That everyone could feel love, peace and happiness, Donk E!

That's why I love you, Piggy!

I love you back...Donk E!

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