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Ha ha!  Hey Blonde Chick...wanna see a show?  Watch this!  Dottie's bringing the horse trailer out!  These guys aren't gonna wanna go in there!  They're use to traveling in the truck!  With air conditioning and a stereo!  Hang around...this is gonna get good!
We just got to the Stiles Farm for the tractor show!  It's also their 45th anniversary!  It was our first time in the horse trailer...what a trip!  Donk just didn't want to go in there.  Solly went in only because it was loaded with fresh hay.  I went in following the bowl of grain!  Dottie and our friend Bianca stayed in the trailer for the ride over.  We didn't have a chance to get pictures because all the hands were busy!
I got to have my own area because I'm older.  I just get to lay down and eat my hay and the fresh cut Joe brought over for us!  It's nice not having to worry about the boys eating my food!  It was funny watching them load into the trailer!  In my younger days...back in Boston...we loaded so many different kinds of critters in that looked like Noaha's ark when Dottie opened the door to let us out!  When I see the trailer...I KNOW we're going to a fun I walk right in, lay down, and eat till we get there!
This is Mike and Diane Stiles.  They invited us to their party to meet their friends and maybe put on a show!  They set us up a really nice spot!  We were glad to do it because they watch us when Dottie and Joe go away.  They are like our grandparents...they spoil us!  But that's okay!  We love them back!
Mike took me around and introduced me to all his friends!  And I got to smell a baby human!  They smell so good...just like cookies and milk!  Everyone kept telling Mike how cute I was!  He was so proud of me!  I got lots of attention!  What a cool party!
Galahad and I stayed behind the fence most of the time.  He was a little nervous with so many people, but he still had a good time.  Diane was walking him around, but she got so busy.  Then Bianca walked him around a little.  So we just kinda hung out for awhile!  When I wanted to go for a walk...all I had to do was roll under the fence!  Then they had to catch me!  I smelled hot dog rolls all day long!  It was like heaven!
Joes giving me some extra attention!  I am so right at home here.  People, food, lovings, food, attention...and more food!  I got to walk around with Bianca too, and got all kinds of attention, but Dottie didn't get any pictures of that!  She was too busy keeping two eyes on the four of us!  But we all behaved!  She was VERY happy we did so good!  I even got to dance the polka!  It was fun watching the humans do it!  Dancing to the music was alot easier than just hearing back, back, step up, step up, turn around.  It all made sense now!  I think I want to learn the waltz now!
Here's the tent that had all the music coming from it.  And food smells too!  It was right across from us, too!  Every time Baaart got out...he walked over that way!
Here's some of the tractors they had on display!  They had them all over the place!  They even had a tractor parade!  We got to watch as they drove right past our corral!
Here's the outhouses that Joe and Dottie were so busy building, instead of playing with us.  But that's okay!  Everybody loved them!  One guy wants to sell them up near Lake George!  Who would have known?  Dottie did!
Every one had a great time!  This couple was sooooo cute, holding hands and strolling down memory lane!
I am the cutest little Donk E!  I got all kinds of lovings!  People would come by and see me and just have to pat my head!  What a day!  This young guy couldn't get enough of me!  And that's okay!  This is what I was born for!
And this young guy came over to pat me too!  Everybody loves The "DONK"!  Ha! 
This was alot for me.  All these people!  The music and the dancing!  This was my first time in a situation like this, and I was kinda scared!  When I'd come close to people, they'd reach out to touch me, and I moved back.  Some thought I wasn't friendly...that made me sad because I'm just shy.  If you just stand still...I'll come up to you!  Just don't move fast, because I'll move faster!  And that scares us both!  I did get to walk around some, and I did really good, but I feel safer here...right in the center...on this pile of hay! 
Well, we're home now!  Dottie's rubbing my ears and telling me "what a good boy you were"!  How can you not be good, when you're getting that much lovings?!!  It was great!  And she's thanking ME?  That's okay, though...keep rubbing the ears....oh ya....oh ya
Ya...I have it made here!  I know!
It was all over too soon!  Dottie's telling me how good I was and how proud she is of me!  I don't understand all the fuss...That's what I was born to do!  I got to dance.  I got to pull the hanky out of her pocket every time she turned her back on me!  I picked up her keys whenever she dropped them!  I got to walk around with Bianca and get lovings from people I didn't even know.  Little kids loved me!  Everyone loved my tricks!  I was born for this!  I think I need an agent!   And she's thanking me?
What a long day!  I am so glad to be home!  Yes...I know I was good.  And some people got to pat me and feel my fur.  But it was more fun watching Solly show off and the Donk E sucking up all the lovings!  What a couple of characters!  Everybody got to pat Baaart!  He misses all the attention...not that he doesn't get enough at home, mind you.  Dottie and I know I need more work before I'm comfortable with that many people.  She said it's important that I learn to chill if I want to join the show. 
Well maybey I don't want to be a "star"!  I like working one to one.  Not only do I get All the attention, but I get to teach humans how to slow down and zone themselves.  I help them to understand their"energy"...or vibes.  When they're nervous or uptight...I ask them to do deep breathing to slow down.  When they "feel" relaxed...then I let them approach me.  If they stay chilled...they can brush me, pat my head, put my halter on, ask me to lay down and even rub and scratch my neck!  But the second they get nervouse....I feel it...and back away.  They have to re-chill themselfs again.  I teach them how to do that.  To be aware of their energy. 
Mom's showing me all the good spots to scratch!  We're hunting for bugs and crawlie things! Yum!  I still stay very close to her, to stay safe. 

Okay Sweetie...kick up the dirt and move it around.

If you see anything it !

I have to eat it?

I got the door open and I'm trying to sneak an ear of corn.  I thought I got away with it...untill the flash went off.  Busted!  Now...because I got sneaky...I have to wait till everyone else gets their corn before I do!

Hey Blonde Chick, did you see the new baby?

Oh yes...isn't she the sweetest?  And she has her mothers tail, too!

This is the Dogwood tree Tara got for her Mom.  I love this tree!  It taste delicious!  I trim it as far as I can reach!  Well...that's when I can get to it.  Dottie built a fence around it to keep me out.  It grows beautiful pink flowers!  They taste good too!
Oh boy!  Fruit salad! Lemme see...the orange stuff is really sweet!  Oh...and watermellon!  That's my favorate!
What a nice day to go for a walk! 
I think I'm just gonna take a little rest!  These old bones get stiff and sore.  The warm sand feels really good!  When I bones creek!  I sound like a bowl of Rice Krispies!  Hey....I'm 17!  That's really, really old for a goat!  Not that I"M an old goat, mind you...I still feel like a "kid"!
Dottie's teaching me to play dead.  No...I'm only kidding!  Ooops...she heard me!  Now I'm gonna have to do this all the time!  Ah!  Do you think I need sun block?
We got visitors and I got to greet them first!  These are our friends Charlie and Joe!  We met them in the fall and havn't seen them all winter!  I am so glad you came back!  I missed you!
I love it when I get patted by two! 
Hay Solly...take that!  I get to have them all to myself because you got to go outside the fence to eat! Ha!
It's really nice outside the much to see...But I really miss you!  I'd give it all up in a heartbeat to just be with you again!
You're not bad....for a dog!
Now you remember...when ever you get just flap those wings and get up on something this.  You did very good for your first flight!

I think I'll just help myself to some of this fresh cut!  mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Fresh cut al la cart!

We have company!  And what a great little boy he is...brushing me like that!  Hey kid....a little to the left...will ya?
Usually when we have guest, I hang back because the "boys" like to hog all the attention.  But Linda was so sweet and trusting!  She talked to me in a real calming voice and befor I knew it...she had me eating out of her hand!   It was then that we bonded! did help that she had a handful of carrots! 

Lindas grandson is getting a big kick out of holding the hoop for me!  What a nice boy...can we keep him?

Even Linda got in on it!  She used the bigger hoop so I could fit all the way through! 
Oh!  Please don't go!  Come back, please....I'll give you another Donk E hug!
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