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May 15

I'm getting lovings!  He Ha!  I'm gonna ask Joe if he wants to go for a walk...just as soon as he's done!!
Hey...Joe Buddy...nice of you to join us!
Hey Piggy!  Where are you?
I'm coming!  I'm coming!  Wait for me!
Come on...Donk E!  I'll race you to the river!

Perfect day for a graze!  Nice patch of clover!

Donk E...look how fast the water's going!  It's making me thirsty for a drink!

I wouldn't drink that, Piggy!  Fish pee in there you know!

Yeck...yeck...yeck!  Come on...boys!  Let's run!
See if you can catch me!
You're on, Galahad!
Did you see that?  Solly just blew right by me!   And he's still going!

Maybe someday I'll get to run as fast as Solly! 

How come you're still wearing your harness, Piggy?

If I want to go outside...I have to put it on, Donk E!  We do it everyday! 

That looks like a good spot, over there! 

Piggy?  Why do you make those grunting noises?

That's how pigs keep track of each other!  You're suppose to answer me by grunting and squealing...then I know where you are!

I don't know how to grunt, Piggy!
That's okay're tall enough that I can see where you are!  That's a good thing!
Dottie...the flying, biting, itchy things are back.  Can you scratch my head for me?
Oh Ya!  Down...down...little to the right.....
Oh!  Ya!  Good spot!  I didn't even know it was itchy!
Oops!  Gutta go!  Dottie's calling me!

I'll walk over with you, Piggy! 

Sure, Mat!    Come along!

Do you think she'll give me a treat too, Piggy?

I'm sure of it, Mat!  She really likes when we come to her...when she calls!

Hey Galahad...Donk E!  Dottie's passing out treats!
Hey you guys!  Come on!  She's got cherios!
Can I have three cherios?  I've been real good lately!  It's been tough...but I've been trying really hard to be good!  Like three cherios good!

Could I have an ear rub instead of a cherio?  I've got bug bites in them...and they're itchy!

Hey Mat...come on!  I know where there's a good patch of sweet clover!

Slow down, Piggy!  You're going past some good stuff here!

Ah Ha!  A dandylion!  My favorite!  I eat the leaves...then dig up the roots...and eat them!  That seems to make Joe and Dottie really happy!  Me, too!
I found... what I call... a "tender vittles" bush!   Tender sweet baby leaves!  Yum!
It's hard trying to eat it with the wind blowing it back and forth like this!  But I'm doing!
Piggy...why aren't you eating the yellow flowers?  Those are the best!
I only eat the leaves and roots, Donk E!  You can have all the flowers you can eat!

You are the best piggy...Piggy! 

I love you, too, Donk E!

There's all kinds of good stuff popping up!
Hey Solly...I'm gonna go over and see what Galahad found!  He's been there for awhile!  Must be a good spot!
So nice and peaceful having this whole field to myself!
I spoke to soon!

Come on, Piggy...let's go up for a nap!

That sounds like a good idea!  I'm right behind you, Mat!

I'll race you to the barn, Piggy!

That's not fair, Mat!  You got a head start!

Ha Ha!  Flew right by him, while he stopped to munch!  Kinda like the Turtle and the Hare!  Believe it!  Ha Ha Snort!
Oh Ya!  This is nice!  No bugs up here!  (Big deep breath...let it out very slowly...and sigh!)  ZZZZZZZZZZZZ  Snort Snort zzzzzzzzzzz

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