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December 1 - 5      Page 44

What are these things?  You're gonna build us a new house so we can stay outside?
Look what I found...a yellow stick with a rubber thing on the end of it!
What is this? It smells like a pine tree!  It's gonna be a floor?
Want me to hold this end for you?
I'll hold this end down so it doesn't fall off again!
What do you can't get any work done?  We're trying to help!
Ya...we're only trying to help...
Feed me...we're hungry!
Pig pellets, oatmeal with bananas, and Mats bottle
Yum Yum Yum...oatmeal and bananas! 
I love bananas!
I love my bottle!
Tummy's full...time for a nap!  Call us if you need us!
Hey's a platform!  And we can walk on it!

What's the matter, Piggy?  Don't cha like it?

It's getting dark...and I'm hungry...isn't it time to go in!

Look at me Piggy!  I can walk all the way to the end and turn around!  Is this cool or what?
It's about time you came to get us!  It's past dark...and we're hungry!

Heading back to the house!  This was a very long day!  Dottie probably could have gotten more done...if we didn't keep coming over to her for play or lovings...or goodies!  But she would stop what she was doing, and give us a rub or a scratch...or a piece of appricot!  She was easy picking because she was on her knees alot!  When she was digging...I got to help her!

Where's Piggy and Mat?  I've been waiting for hours!
Diane came by to relax a little...and feed me my bottle! 
I think we're both relaxed!  What a nice warm lap!
Hey...what about us?  We want lovings, too!
Oh good!  There's more left!  I'll take care of  THAT!
I love you.....'re trying to lift it?  I was trying to hold it down for you!
That thing's a back scratcher, too?  A little to the left, please!
You can have your coffee break just as soon as I finish my milk break...ok?

Hey Piggy...what's going on?

Dottie's building a new home for Mat, Bunny and me!

How come the pig gets a new house?

This is Dotties work apron!
Mike came by to give us lovings!  He said we're getting bigger every day!
I like my quality snuggle time!  I feel bad for Piggy, that she can't be snuggled like this...although Dottie snuggles her whenever she has to be lifted and put in the wheelbarrel!
Talk about someone giving you the shirt off their back!  I'm a happy pig!
Another long day!  I can't wait to get back to my pen and eat!
"Bout time you got here!  I was getting hungry! bin is full...but I want Piggys food!

Bunny...we've been outside!  Dottie's getting our new home ready!

I don't want a new home, Mat...I like this one!

Ya...but Bunny...this one is outside...We have an outside house and an underground house!  And things to hop on and jump over!

When will Bunny be able to come outside with us?  How many days is soon?
Am I spoiled or what!
I'm doing housssse work with Dottie!  She wears me around her neck like thisss....and I massage her neck and shoulders while she worksssss.  We make a great team!
We had a very long day!  And I'm ready for about you?
Well!  Good morning boys!  Don't mind if I poo! get your very own place to poo?

Well...ya!  Right here in this corner!  Do you mind?  A little privacy please?

I want my own poo place, too!
Another day!  Hey...Easy on the bumps, there!
Dottie and Joe went out in the woods today, to find the perfect tree for the trim on our new house!
This is the perfect tree!  This will finish our house off just fine!  And it will taste good, too!
Okay Dottie...time for a break...I'm hungry!
Ssssshhhhhh!  I'm hiding from Mat!
I'm the pheasant that Dottie brought home from the chicken swap.  Remember me?  I had the wing that was twisted back when she found me and brought me home!  Now I am all better!  All that TLC did it's job!  Not only is my wing fine...but I can fly up to perch for the night!
Another long day!  Boy has Dottie been busy!  And Mat and I are tired just from helping her!  She said...with our's taking her three times longer!
Mary got brave, and wanted to hold me!  I'm the firssst ssssssssssnake she ever held...or got closssse to...or even looked at!  She learned to love me real quick...after she got to sssssee how ticklish I am when sssssomeone runssss their finger down my belly!  I have a very long belly!  Dottie took our picture and gave it to her to show that she really did it!
Mary and I got to play while Dottie was getting my bottle ready!
After all that work...I'm exausted! zzzzzzzzzzz snort snort zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Hey Piggy...move over...I want the inside!
Today's the day for the big reveal!
Okay!  We're ready!  Can we see it now?
Ta - Da!  Here it is...almost done!  This is the front.  It's all insulated except for the doors...she didn't get to them yet!
And this is the side door!  This is how we go in and out...till the ramp gets built in the front!
And this is what the inside looks like!  It's full of straw so I can snuggle under it to keep warm!

Piggy...This hay doesn't taste very good!

It's not hay,'s straw!  It doesn't get moldy when it gets wet...and it's softer on my tummy!

Am I a lucky pig...or what!
Can I have a new house too?
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