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December 6 - 13     Page 46

You have some dirt on your paw Zeek...hold still while I clean it, okay?

I'm so smart!  I snort to go out just because she feeds me some grain for going out!  I didn't even have to poo!  Ha ha!

Aren't you done with that bottle yet, Mat...I wanna play!
Here's my paw!  When I do this...Dottie get's all happy, and tells me good boy!
This white stuff is wet!  I don't like getting my feet wet!  It's slippery, too!  And cold!
How come the goat smells like a girl bunny?
Because he shares his pen with a house bunny!'s a girl bunny!
A house bunny?

You smell like a pig, too!

You say that like it's a bad thing, Solly!  Piggy and Bunny are my sisters!  And you're my big brother!  And Donk E and Galahad, too!

This is my first drink of water from the big boys bucket!
Dottie put me in Romeos pen so she can get some work done without me getting in the way! know what....?
I like getting in the way...she plays with me and snuggles me before she shoes me away!
Hey...wait a minute...the foods in there!  What did I do?
I'm coming!  It's time for my bottle!
I don't know if I want to go down the ramp...I'm afraid I'll slide down on my belly!
Don't be afraid, Piggy...follow me!
Na...I don't think so!
I'll just eat my food, and then use my litter box!  My hoofs are like beginner ice skates...the double bladed ones!  I could ski down this if it wasn't for the wall at the end!  I really need some cleats here!
When I'm done with my bottle...can we go back outside?
I'd like to go outside with them today....can I go, too?
I smell girl bunny on your boots!
Wait till you see this!  Check it out!  It's our underground house!
Come along!  Follow me!  This is just the first part!  The real house is way back here, under the hill!
This part is the second part.  She called it a wind break.  The big room is next!
This is the back wall of the underground house!  It stays warm when it's cold...and cool when it's hot!  Go figure!
Dottie puts my food in I get use to coming in here.  
Dottie put lights in it so I wouldn't be scared of the dark!

So THIS is where you and Mat are all day long!  It's nice!  I like it!

Mats been hanging out with the big boys.  He'll come in here with me for a little....but he and Donk E really hit it off!

When Donk E sees Mat...he calls to him and Mat comes running over!  They play really well together!  I like the little bugger, too!
Bottle break!
Have some pellets, Bunny!  Don't mind if I do!
I get to eat with the big boys!
I always get a handful of grain before I turn in.  I pick out all of the good stuff!
We're heading in for the night!  'Bout time...I'm getting hungry!

Why do I smell mice?

I just had dinner!

I got to go outside today, Zeek!

I get to go out all the time!

Hey!  We have company!

I've been waiting for hours for this!

Come can pat me while you feed him!
Ahhhhhh...this is the life!
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