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Hoppy Easter!

This is my very first Easter!
Not me!  This is my second I know what's coming later!  The Egg Hunt!  Bring it on!

I want the ears, Caroline!

Hey...why does Donk E get the ears and I get the silly flower thing?

Well...this is cool!  Everybody has ears!
Chris brings his daughters, Allison and Caroline, over to help work with us!  Today they even brought their friend, Emilie!  Okay...Group shot!  You don't even have to tell them to smile!  How good is that!
Solly's hogging all the attention, again!  Even when he got put in his pen for hogging all the attention in the first place!

You just have to learn how to brownie them up, Donk E!  Not really going for brownie points or trying to suck up......but a subtle merge...brownie up!  They fall for it every time! Watch... and learn how it's done!

Chris...old buddy...kiss kiss another piece of apple on ya? Hunh...Hunh??  Love love love!

Hey...he walked away!  Oh!  He's patting Donk E, now!  What happened?  I probably should have told him I liked his hat or something...

Dottie...Dottie...Mat just told me he grew bunny ears!  That everybody grew bunny ears...and they caught it from me!  Is it true?


See Romeo!  Bunny ears!  And I caught them from you!
Ohmygawd...they are bunny ears, Mat!
 He deserved that...after what he did about my horn growing...

Oh!  Romeo...look!  An egg!  I found my first egg of the hunt!

The egg hunt's on!  Come on you guys!  Or we're gonna find them all!

Ah!  Cherio!  Find an egg...get a cherio!  I remember, now!  This is only my second egg hunt in my whole life!
I found an egg...what am I suppose to do now?
You you find an egg...she gives you a cherio!
I found two eggs!  This one smells like an apple...
I should get two cherios because I found two eggs!

Found another one!  Out of the way Donk E! bopped me, and you took my egg!

I'm still just a kid, myself, Dottie!  I just turned two!
Blue is nice! I found an egg!  Hurry...before Mat sees it!
I found one!  This is my second egg hunt, too!  The first one...I watched Dottie hide baby carrots in them!  Not a good idea!  Donk E got to go first!  He would just nose the egg like this!  Now...I already saw what was inside... twelve times!  So when it was my turn to find the was "Oh...Egg! the carrot"! 
It took me a whole year to unlearn that.  I realized...If I break the egg...she won't be able to hide it again!  Now I wait over the egg...till she comes with the cherio!  
Hey!  I found a blue egg...up here!  Don't forget to look up!
I found a blue egg!
I found a blue one, too!
I found a blue one, too!  In my house!
This is too easy!  I liked it when she hid them in the forest!  You really had to look!
Wow!  A pink egg!
Thank you!
I found an egg! 
It's a good thing the bunnies don't have to lay these!
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