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March 31

Let's go for a walk down by the field, Piggy!

Great idea, Mat!  It's a beautiful day!

Hey...Mat!  Wait up!   Where ya going with Piggy?

Down to the front field to do some grazing, Donk E!  You can join us...but you hafta promise to be nice to Piggy!

I promise...

This will be my first walk with you, Piggy!
Here's some nice tender shoots!

Piggy?  Why do you wear your halter around your body, and not around your face... like we have to?

It's a harness, Donk E...this is how you're suppose to  wear it!

Hey, Mat!  Go ask Dottie to let Piggy off her leash!
Dottie?  Donk E wants to know if you would let Piggy off the leash!

Well...gee, Dottie...I didn't ask because........if I tried to grab the'd make that "Hep" sound.  The one that means "correct myself".  When Mat grabs the think it's cute...and you unleash us and let us run!

What a nice day for a graze!  Dottie just keeps walking way far away!
I heard you call Piggy Piggy Piggy!  Here I come!
Just like I promised!  Hey!  What's all the noise?
The creek is really full and fast because of all the rain we had!
Hey...Mat!  Did you check out the creek?

Oh...Mat...this is really good eatings!

You're not kidding, Piggy!

   Run run.... skitter...skitter...Snort! Snort! Snort!


What was that...Piggy?  You scared me!  Are you ok?

I was trying to get you to play with me, Donk E!  That's what pigs do to play!  You were suppose to spin around and run back and forth and Snort!  

She does that a lot... Donk E!  You get use to it after a while!  Just do it back to her ...and she gets all happy! You should see all the white marks she leaves on the carpet when she plays with Dottie in the living room!

Didn't mean to scare ya, Donk E!   It must be a pig thing!

If you want to go for a run, Piggy...I'll run with you!  We'll run up to that tree and back...okay?  Ready?  Go!

Hey!  Mat ... Piggy!  Come over this way!
Hey Piggy...I know where there's a patch of fresh thawed green stuff!
Follow me!

That was nice of Donk E to share his good spot, Mat!  I think he likes me!

Donk E likes everybody, Piggy!

Did you call?  Dottie...could you fix my harness?  It's slipping!
Much better!  Thank you!
Let me go catch up to the boys!  La-La-La!  Happy pig...Happy pig!
Hey...Donk E!  Come over here!
Did you find something special, Piggy?
Yes I did!  You...Donk E! 

Walk ya back to the barn, Piggy?

Look at you...Donk E!  Trying to get on Piggys good side!

All she has is a good side, Mat!

That's true, Donk E!

You're the best donkey...Donk E!

And you're the best piggy...Piggy!
Well, here I am!  That was a nice peaceful walk!  Look!  I learned how to climb the step all by myself!
And where did you two go...Miss Piggy?!!!  Did anybody ask Bunny if she wanted to go?   Noooooooooooooooo!!!   See?  That's what I'm talking about!  You just up and go...and leave me here...all by myself!   I can't believe you guys!  Right after I poured my heart went and did it to me again!  That's it!  I'm leaving!  I'm gonna move back in with Juliet and Blue!  At least they don't leave me alone!  Ever!

So much for nice and peaceful, Mat!

Hey Bunny...wanna join us for a nap?

Nope!  Too late!  I'm packing up my bunny bowl and I'm out of here!
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