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Hoppy Easter Part II

Happy Easter!

Happy Spring!

Happy, Happy Everything!

Mat...come back're suppose to be sitting pretty for the picture!

Can we eat these flowers, Piggy?

Piggy...You go get dressed for the show...and I'll keep Diane busy till you're ready! Okay?

What's my say!  I'm suppose to look cute!  Is it working?
Aw...Oh!  Face squeeze!  Must be! 

Hey Piggy...  I like the dress!

Thanks Solly!  Dottie's taking my Easter picture!  What do you think?

No!  Wait a sec!  How's this, Solly? 

Looks like you lost a chin or two, Piggy!

Cool!  Okay, Dottie...I'm ready!  Take the picture!

This is my new Easter dress!  It says "What's Not To Love"! 
Ha Ha Snort!  It's sooooooo me!

Auntie Diane...I love you!  You're the best!

Do you think I need a bigger bow?  Maybe a pearl necklace with some matching earrings? 

Piggy's all excited cuz she's going to visit Grandma and Grampa!

Do you think I should paint my nails pink?


How come you get to go, Piggy...and I have to stay home?

Because I'm house broke, Mat!


It's not my fault!  I'm a goat!
Piggy!  Hold still and let me put this butterfly on your tail!

And then she went and put the butterfly around my neck!  See?

Whiner!  Hey Diane!  Wanna see me do a stay and stretch?


I'm staying...because I'm not moving my feet!  But I can stretch out this far for a treat!

You have a whole bag of them, Auntie?

Thanks, Diane!

I'm getting sleepy!
What's the matter, Wrex?

There!  Now it's even, Wrex!  It looks good on you!

I had to wear the same don't feel bad!

Can you hurry before somebody sees me?
Can I nap on your lap?
Hey, Piggy?  I'm gonna take a nap now...ok?
Nap, hunh?  Sounds good to me!
Oh ya...that feels good!
All kids should be this lucky!
Z Z Z Z Z    Burp...Grind...Grind... Grind    Z Z Z z z z z
I'm a happy pig!  Happy Pig!
I can clean up good...when I have to!   Ahhhhh!  Nap time!
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