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March 30

Hey Bunny!  Good morning!  What's up?  Why the long ears?

I'm not a happy bunny, Mat.  When you're with the big boys and Piggys in the house...I'm all alone...and I don't like being alone!

You're not alone...Bunny!  We're right here...on this side of the fence!

You know, Bunny...I'll come over to talk with you any time you want!

I know, Galahad...but it's just not the same!

The same as what, Bunny?
When I lived with Juliet and Blue...I was never alone!
But wanted to live here, didn't you?
Ya...well... I changed my mind!  I want to go back with Juliet and Blue!
Bunny...aren't you happy here?
Bunny misses the girls, Piggy!
Sure...I have this whole ...big... place...
I can dig tunnels and make dens where ever I want...
And I have all these great places to hide...
But when you guys go to your night homes...
I'm all alone...
 And I get scared!  
Don't get me wrong...
I'm not a scardy the dog...
I just don't do "alone" well...
I miss Juliet always telling me what to do...and what not to do!
I miss Blue... too!
Oh...come on, Bunny!  We get to spend the whole day together!
And we chase eachother...and play hide and seek!
I love hide and seek!  That's my favorite!
Come on, Bunny...snuggle up for a'll feel better!
I know how Bunny feels...I don't like being alone, either!

You have some stuff on your face, Romeo!


What's with the attitude, now...Bunny?

I miss the girls, Romeo!

But couldn't wait to get out of there and get your own place!

I'm afraid to be alone, Romeo!

You?  Bunny with an attitude?  Afraid of something?  I heard it all, now!
I'm serious, Romeo...I want to go home!

What can I do to help, Bunny?

Romeo...ask the girls if I can come back and live with them, okay!

Oh boy, Bunny...after you bragged about having your own place where you can dig wherever you wanted?

Exactly, Romeo!  Will you help me out, here?

I'll go let them know, okay Bunny?

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