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March 28      Part 2

I'll race you, too...Solly!
Give me a couple of minutes to catch my breath...okay, Donk E?
Ha Ha!  He fell for it!
Hey... you... guys!  Snooze ...ya loose!
I don't believe he did that...the sneak!
Come on...Galahad...let's get him!
You're on!  Race you to the last pole and back!
This has got to be the greatest feeling!  Running free!  Like the wind! 
To be able to just...keep... on... going!  And going...and going...
Oops!  Well... that was short lived!  They turned around...and now they're coming back at me!
I better get off the trail for this one!
I'm right behind you...guys!   Boy...That Donk E is keeping right up with Solly!  And I'm right behind them! 
Time to turn up the heat on 'em!
I am so loving this!
Look out Donk E!  Coming through!  Ye Ha!
Oh Ya...Galahad?  Bring it on!

Watch out for that thing in the woods, guys!


What thing?

Hey... You... Guys!     I was only kidding!
Aargh!  Solly did it to us again...Galahad!
These hills are killing me, Galahad!

What's the matter, Donk E?  Getting tired?  Come on!  To the double poles and back!

You're on, Solly!

Look at them go!  Gallahad blew by me like a storm!

Gotchya on the way back, Donk E!'re fast, Solly!

Donk E called me fast!  That made me feel good!
I'm done!  That was a good run!  Come on, guys...let's head back to the barn!
I hear ya, Solly!  That was the best run of my life!
Oh... Look!  More green pine!
Come on...Galahad!  You need to stay with the herd!

It's my responsibility to stay with the herd if I want to be able to run free!


When she calls...we come!  That's the other rule!  That's okay cuz...we get a cherio!  Thanks, Dottie!

That was a good time!

It sure was, Solly! 

Hey you guys!  Wait for me!

That was the fastest I ever got to run, in all my nine years of alpaca life!  It was great!
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