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March 28

Dottie?  We need to spend more time together!  I'm 3 years old now!  I have all this brain working and no place to use it... that won't get me into trouble!  I have a lot's of things I can teach you!  So will you work with me? 

Hey Solly!   Donk E!   Green stuff over here!

Come guys!  Follow me!

Who made you boss...Solly?

Hey you guys...wait up!  I thought this was a woods walk!  Walk!  Ya know?

I'll show you where the very best pine patch is!
Cherio!  Cool!
Gut one for me?  How 'bout two?
Come on, you guys...we're wasting daylight!
Where are you taking us, Solly?
Hey you guys!  Wait up for me!
Go right down that trail!
Donk E...Galahad!  Over this way!

Nice, Solly!

Galahad...this isn't even the good spot!

I'm telling ya!  Come on!  Follow me to the best pine patch ever!
Don't know, Solly!  This patch looks pretty good to me!
Oh Yea!  This is real... fine... pine!
Hey!  Lookie here!

Wow!  Solly!  You weren't kidding!

Look at all the tender little pine trees!

That was good eating, Galahad!

Solly was right, Donk E!  That was the best pine patch ever!  Wow...Will you look at him run!

Ya!  He does love to run!  Must be a horse thing!
Must be!  I'm happy just enjoying the buffet! 

Here he comes again!

There it of the hill!

Come guys!  Race ya... now that I'm all tired out!
Whoa!  That was great!
I needed that!  Hey look!  Galahad's coming!
Hey...Solly!  Wait up!

I'd like to go for a run with you!

You would?
You make it look fun! 
Cherio!  Thanks!
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