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March 26
Piggy Unleashed!

Come on, Piggy!  I'll take you for a walk!

Let go of my leash, Mat!

Hey Piggy!  Jump up here with me!   Pigs don't jump up? 
Don't feel sad that you can't jump...Piggy!  You can dig trenches!  Goats can't do that!
Which way do you want to go, Piggy?

Let's go this way, Mat!

Sure, Piggy!

Piggy...why don't you get off your leash so that we can run like the big boys do?
I can run when I'm on the leash, Mat! 
See!  Dottie keeps up with me just fine!
Would you let Piggy off the leash? 
Piggy!  She said it's up to you!
You just have to promise to come back when she calls you...okay?
Wow!  I'm off the leash!
Come on, Piggy!  Heads up!  She's calling us!
When I ran up to Dottie...she said "fix" and adjusted my harness, scratched my back, and told me I was a "good girl"!
Then she just walked away!
When I heard her call "Piggy Piggy Piggy"...I came running!
I like running without a leash!

Hey Piggy!  Let's run this way!

I'm right behind you, Mat!

Now I'm way over here!  Dottie wants to see how far I'd go! 
I just kept going...and going...and going!
Then...I heard her call me again!  I promised to come when she called me! 
I'm a running! 

I'm coming...Dottie!

Come on...Piggy!  let's run this way now!

I'm right behind you, Mat!  Running through the forest is a blast!

Huff...huff...huff... Okay Mat...I am all out of energy!  I need some food, now!

Hey Piggy!  Come here...and check this out!

Piggy!  You can see the house and barn and everything from up here!

I'm hungry!  Can we go home, now?
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