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March 25

 I want to tip the cart...but Dottie's saying don't you dare!  Ever hear the saying putting the cart before the donkey?  He Haw!  Dottie's cleaning out the chicken coop and the duck pen today!  It's been so nice and warm out...everything thawed!  Yeah! 
Bumma!  I got stuck in the duck pen!  I was just checking to see if they had any food left in their bowl...and the wind blew the door closed!
You are gonna let me out...right?  Soon?
Alrighty, then!  I'll just eat this pile of old straw...
Figured that would get her going!

Solly...I was playing with the poo cart!

That's good, Donk E!  Now it's my turn!

Let us know when you're gonna break out the bread!
Hey Romeo!  Tell the girls that I have a place of my own where I can did tunnels wherever I want!
Hey Blue!  Bunny said she's gonna live in the kennel, now!
Boy...I'd like to have my own place, too!
Whoa!  Chicken coop is open!
Hmmmmmm....she's cleaning out all the old hay!
Ohhhhh!  Found some good stuff!
What!  You left the door open!
Donk E...why do you go after our old dirty hay...when you have fresh hay piles all over the yard?
Hi Diane...awwww...somebody need a Donk E hug?
Auntie Diane!  Auntie Diane!  Give me lovings!
But Diane...Mat has to learn the pecking order!  He's after Galahad...who's after me!

This works!

Hey...what about Galahad and me?

I'm always first, cuz I'm the barn boss!  Now I have to wait for the others to get treats...before it's my turn again!  We have to wait for our names to be called to get our treat!  It's Donk Es turn right now!

When you say...Galahad...then it's my turn!

Hey Auntie Diane...don't forget me!  I'm right here!  My turn!

Let's go take a dip in the boys heated water trough!
I don't think so...Duckies!  You'll have to get past me first!  Swimming in our drinking water?  I think NOT!

Gee, Mat...I only got 1 treat!  Galahad got to lick out the bowl!

Well..gee put your face in the bowl and inhaled all the cherios when it was your turn!

Thanks for putting the apple chunks in the bowl after Solly devoured the cherios! 
Come on.....get your Donk E kisses!

The greens and pinks really show up after the rain!  The "Wave"  Ha Ha...

(it's really Dotties sand box!)

The fish made it through another winter!  She's gonna put in a solar light!
I love you...Mat!
I know that... Piggy! 

You tell me...all the time...Piggy!  And I love you back!

I really miss taking naps with you and Bunny!  And I miss how you always made sure we were clean before we went to sleep!  I'm glad we're back!
Hey Bunny...wanna join us for a group hug and a snuggle nap?

Hi Romeo!   ♥♥♥ 

Hi Bunny!

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