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Here I am...stuck outside the bunny home.  The girls on one side of the wire...and me out here.  That's just not fair!  Sure...I have my own batchelor pad, complete with my own food and water bowls....but it's just not the same!'s not really that bad...I get to run around and kick up my paws.  There's alot to check out on this side of the fence!
I even got my own pile of fresh cut grass...that is untill Donk E came over to make sure I didn't get more than him!  It was good to see the Blonde Chick again!  She use to nest at our place before they put a door on.
Thank you for cutting the fresh stuff for us!  Is that all I get?
Joe has this rubber tooth brush that he rubs me down with.  It helps get my winter fur off...and it feels sooooo good!  Oh ya...good spot...good spot!
I must of grown a brown heart over the winter!  I guess you can say....."I wear my heart on my sleeve"...if I had a sleeve!

Guess who!

You giving lovings?

How 'bout it be my turn?


Oh ya...under the cheeks, please.

Hey...did you see the new bunnies? 

They are cute...aren't they!

I'm playing hide and seek with my babies.  It's something Momma bunnies teach their younglings to keep them safe.

Can you find Coffee and Butterscotch in the next two photos? I come!

I have to stay very still...

but it's very hard to keep my ears and nose from wiggling!'re gonna give us away!
I'm in a tiss....I wanted to get into Galahads stall, because he still had food left.  So once I got in...Dottie locked the gate.  It wasn't a problem while there was still food left.  But once I ate it all...well it's not fun anymore!  The Blonde Chicks nest is starting to look pretty good right about now!
Ok...this is better.  She's feeding us inside because it's raining out!  Ah!  Nice fresh hay!  Lots of it!  All for me!
How dare he look at my nest like that!  The nerve of him!  He had the same look on his face checking out my nest, that the cats have when they're thinking of roasted chicken.  That pile of hay should last him awhile!
Okay..tummy's full!  I'm happy again!
You know...I see the Donk E. getting lovings and I want to go over so bad....but I just can't!  Why am I so afraid?  I know he's not gonna hurt what's my problem?
Here I am trying to get Dotties attention while she's cleaning up the yard.  Look what I can do all by myself!  It worked!  She put the rake down and gave me "good boys" and lovings!  She is so easy to entertain!

Here she comes!  Good morning!  Good morning!  Whatcha got?  Bagel?  Toast with jelly?  Pancakes?

That Blonde Chick..I'll tell you!  She just goes running up...expecting goodies.

I know...the nerve of her!

Ya...but...she gets the goodies...we just get the chicken feed.  Maybe she's on to something!

Could we have some fresh hay, please?
I'm glad you asked!  I was getting hungry!
So hungry in fact...that I think I'll eat yours too!
Ha Ha...what are you gonna do about it?

Back off Donk E.  I'm armed with an alpaca spit ball.  Ka-pooie! got me right between the eyes.

So what do you think, Solly?  She'll let me go back to the girls, won't she?  This is only temporary, right? 

Hey, long as you have food...don't sweat it!  Eat your hay and get your mind off it.

So Donk E.  What o you think?  She'll put me back in with the girls, right?  I mean...she's not gonna keep me away forever, is she?  It seems like forever already!

Get over it, Romeo...or you'll find yourself neutered!  Then you'll really have something to worry about!

It's a little chilly out today.  Baby chick has ben snuggled up nice and cozy!  Can you see her peeking out? Say hello, sweetie.

Hello sweetie.

Ollie, Ollie Entry!  Come out, come out where ever you are!

Gee Mom...that was fun...I hid real good...didn't I? 

 Can we play again?  Hunh...can we, can we?

I'm gonna hide under the stump this time!

Dottie's been wondering how the Donk has been getting out of the small pen.  I tried to tell her, but she thought I was "kidding"!  So she put the Donk in, and hid across the driveway.  Sure enough...that young whipper snapper scooted under the fence!
I don't want to be in here all by myself!  I'm gonna limbo right out of here!
Ain't no fence big enough to hold me!  Get down on my knees and wa- la!  I'm out of here!
Whoopie!  I'm free!  Hay...wait a minute...there was more grass in the pen!
I got to go out for a run today!  And that's just what I did!  I had so much energy that I just had to burn it off!  So here's me running....and running....and running!
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