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Dottie put me in the big pen all by myself to see how I get out.  She's hiding in the bushes.  I can see her!  I'll just wait till she gets tired of waiting, and goes back to the barn!
Ha ha...I'm Baaack!
I just wanted to be with you!  Love love love?
Here comes Joe with the BIG tractor and some fresh cut wood!  Wonder where he's going with that?
I can't believe they added another row of fencing!  Now I can't even shimmy under it.  Let me check out my other go under spots and see if I can still fit!
Yep...there's two black cats here!  I'm spooky, the one on the right with the green eyes and the double wide paws.  Purrrincess has the gold eyes and she's on the left.  I was a third generation barn cat.  Dottie got me from a woman who had a bunch of horses.  I guess we spooked the horses, so my name became "Spooky".  I like to stay in the shadows and be invisable.  Purrrincess likes all the lovings.  I like mine too...but only when I'm ready for it...otherwise it's "don't touch me"!
Look at the size of my mitts!  Dottie tells me I have a good foundation!
The better to reach the food with, my dear!
This is my entrance to my own little solar room.  When they close the barn door, the sunlight comes in through my window and heats up these old bones.  Boy does it feel good!  And if it's hot outside, she closes the barn door so the light can't get in!  It works for me!
Mom told me to stay close to her.  I am trying so hard to keep up.  We just don't stop moving! She's showing me where all the bugs are.  She tells me I have to eat my bugs to grow big and strong!  
Donk E is sure being a pest today!  He's all bummed because he can't squeeze under the fence any more. Can't you just let him out for a little bit?
Come on....Please let me out!  I just want to be with you.  I'm feeling needy today!
Ha Ha Donk!  Can't get me up here!
Daddy, why are you on THAT side of the wire?  Why can't you come in and be with us?
It's not for lack of trying!  Everytime I dig a hole, she fills it in!
That's ok with me...I get to stretch out and relax!  Ahhhh!  Think I'll just take a quick snooze.

Hi!  I don't have a name yet!  If you can think of on for me...please e-mail it to Dottie!

Dotties' camera broke, and she had to send it out to get fixed.  It would puff smoke...and she said that wasn't good.  Then it started taking fuzzy pictures.  So she found her back-up camera.  Her back-up camera works sometimes...that's why it's her back up!  And life goes on!

Here we go again...another breakfast round robin!

Here I am on the left...then Donk E start's coming over for MY hay.

Then Solly comes over and pushes him.

I try to squeeze back in, and Solly hogs the pile by claiming as much as his body is long!


So Dottie puts a pile of hay up here on the hill...just for me!
Okay...she's giving me a choice here!  Get my halter...go for a walk, or get the brush and get a good brushing.   Hmmmmm. 

I choose the walk!

Here's the halter!  Let's get me dressed!
Okay!  Now here's the brush! 
I'll hold on to this so you can brush behind my ears!
Breakfast at the bunny house!  Fresh food and water!  Fresh hay! 
Oh, yes!  Fresh apple sauce! All natural, too!
Oh boy!  This is a treat!
Here's some serious slurpping going on! 
Oh my God!  This stuff is the best!  It taste just like ripe smooshed apples!

I finished everything on my plate...

Can I have some more ... please?

Oh!  And a carrot!  What a great breakfast!
This rock thing is just perfect to scratch my chin on!
She's beautiful, Maralin!  She's gonna grow up and look just like you!  I'm such a proud dad!

Dottie put food in for the bunny!   And bread, too!
I can almost reach it!
Oh...this isn't fair!  That food should be mine!
You think this is gonna stop me?  One foot over!
Two feet over!
Hey Solly, you're not allowed in here!
Almost...get out of the way, bunny...that food is mine!

Almost there...little more...three feet.  Why can't I have a neck like Galahad? 
Ha Ha!   I got it!
Oh this isn't fair!  New fence.
Let me see....I think I can squeeze in here!  I can't fit!
How about this end? Oh, it's still out of reach!

What a bummer!  I'll try going around to the other side!  I knocked the gate over this morning...
Nope...can't push it over from here...she nailed it to the wall!
Let me try this end!  She tied it to the fence!
I can almost get it!  Little more....just another inch!  My lips won't stretch any further!
Okay...I give up!  You win!

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