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March 19

Hey Piggy!

Well!  Good morning, Boys!  What a great day!

So...what's been happening in the house?

Well...I just heard we're having visitors!
Visitors?  Do you know who's coming?
Caroline...She has a broken smile... that needs fixing!
I'm sitting...and you're smiling!  Now tell me to stay!  Good Girl...Caroline!
Look at those two, up there!  Piggy's teaching her all kinds of tricks!

Hey Mat?  Do you think we'll get a chance to do our tricks, too?

I already did my tricks, Solly!

When did you get to do your tricks...Mat?

Gee Solly...I got to them first...when they got out of their car...

Be careful, Donk E!  What is it?

It's the fly toy, Galahad!  You pick it up and bring it back to her!  And you get a treat!

Did you see that thing fly!  That was cool!

Here ya go!  One orange fly toy!  Where's my treat!


I remember you, Caroline!  Where's your sister?
At a party?  Oh!  So your dad brought you here ...for some smiles!  I'm glad you're here!
I'm glad, too!  Where's the treats?

You have to leave now, Chris?  You just got here!

Lets go through the hoop again, Donk E!

That's my trick, Mat...

Aw...come on...hold still!  Chris...stop...stay!   Let me go through the hoop!  You have treats left!  I wanna go through the hoop!
We fixed her...didn't we, Piggy!
Yes we did, Donk E!

She left with a happy heart!  That's for sure!

Ya...she did...didn't she!

Hey...Dottie!  Can we have a party? we go, Solly!

Can we have carrot cake and play games?

We'll even dance the Cha Cha with ya!

Ya Ya...the Cha Cha!

Oh we go!  Alpacas don't dance!  Not this one, anyway!

Dottie?  Solly's hogging the hay pile!
Want some hay?  Here, Galahad!  Have some hay...tattle tail...
Dottie...Solly just called me a "Tattle Tail"!  What's a tattle tail?
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