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March 21

Hay pile!  Breakfast is served!
I'll share your hay pile with you, Galahad!
Hey...Solly!  Aren't ya gonna join us for breakfast?
Are you serious, Galahad?  He'll eat it all!
Thanks, Galahad...but I got my own hay pile!  Maybe when I'm done, here....I'll come get your leftovers!
Red one!
Blue one!
What are ya doing now, Piggy?
We're doing colors!  When Dottie calls out a color...I point to it with my nose!  Then I get a pellet!
It's an easy treat!  All I have to do is point to this!
She get's a treat... for that?
I know all of my colors, Zeek!  Every time I go to the right color...I get a pellet!  I just taught Dottie how to give me two pellets per trick!  I get one for the color...and I get a second pellet if I push the color to she can put it back on the base!

You are one smart pig, Piggy!

Zeek Kitty...Humans are so easy to train!

You're telling me!  Zeek has Joe trained to let him in...let him out...let him in...let him out!  Talk about training eat the tuna!  Why...Joe even carries you around!  How diva is that?
Ohhhhh....that sun feels good after three days of rain!
Dottie?  Those two fluffy white chicks you find in here all the time?
Ya!  Well they left you a surprise!

Hey Bunny!  You home?

Silly me...of course she's home!

Hi Romeo!  I'll be there in a minute!

Bunny!  Romeo's here for you!

Thanks, Blue!   Juliet...can we talk for a minute?

What's up, Bunny?

Juliet...I just wanna make sure everything is ok between us..

Bunny...I'm really sorry I called you a pig for digging tunnels everywhere.

I'm sorry I copped that nasty attitude, Juliet!

So it's ok if I dig tunnels...and love my pig and my goat? can dig tunnels and love Piggy and Mat. They are very sweet...

I love you, Juliet!
I love you, too...Bunny!  Now get going!  Romeo's waiting for you!
Oh ya!  Hey Romeo!  I'll be right there!

I'm getting ready to go outside!  Dottie built me a ramp out the back door because she couldn't lift me over the fence anymore!

Big problem!  All my life I wasn't allowed in the kitchen.  Now she expects me to walk through the kitchen to the back door?

I learned that if I cross the threshold...I'll have to sniff an onion!  Yeck!
And now she expects me to just walk across the the back door!  Not gonna happen!
After twenty minutes of her pleading...I still wouldn't budge.  I guess that's how the term "pig headed" came about!  I did finally get to the other side of the kitchen...only because she carried me! 

Oh Piggy!  I really missed you!

And I missed you too, Mat!

Your knees are dirty, Mat!  When was the last time you got a bath?

Aw gee, gave me a bath the last time I saw ya!
Well're due for another one!  Look at you!  You have all kinds of stuff in your fur!  Don't the boys groom you up?

We don't get baths out here, Piggy...we get brushed!

Oh.....that does feels good, Piggy!  I do miss your tounge baths!
Well just stand there and I'll make you all nice and spiffy!
This is gonna take'll catch ya later!
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