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Happy St. Patricks' Day!

I am the Queen of Green!

Hey Donk E...I like your get up!

I think it's cool, Donk E!

We're all a little Irish, today!
When I look through these glasses...everything looks green!  Even you Mat!  You look cute green!
I like the hat and the shamrock shades!  They make me feel cool!
We get to try all our costumes on...and you get to vote who is the coolest!
I'm partial to this one!  I like the brades!
I think the shades go really well with the braids...don't you?
The shades definately make it...Donk E!
So what do you think about my costume, Galahad?

He thinks I look cool, too!  He! He!


Dottie...can I dress up, too?  Do you have something for me to wear?
The ribbon doesn't taste green!
Every holiday she decorates us up!  This is the first one we're asking our readers to vote for the best!
Do you think I have a chance?
Ya do?!!  Cool!
I think you're a winner...whether you win or not, Solly!
What are you wearing now...Solly?
They're good luck shamrocks!  Do you like 'em?
I think I like the braides better!  Can you even see these?
Your ears kinda hide the shamrocks, Donk E!
Are you saying my ears are too big, Mat?
Oh...the shamrocks are to small...I can live with that!
I really like the shades the best!
These are just the coolest to look through!
The pinwheels go better outside...where there's a breeze!
Maybe next year she'll dye my bangs green!
Now these I like!  Wish I had a vest to go with them!
A nice pair of heels would go good with this!
Do you like these?
I feel so debonair!
When my hair grows back...can I have like 20 of blue?
I wish they were pig tails!  With curley bangs!
Hey!  Who's that little green guy with the pot of gold?
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