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March 14, 2010

We're getting ready for St. Patricks Day!  I love these shades!  They make everything look green!  Green is my favorite color!  It's the color of food! 
Hey!  Look at me...Dottie!  I'm way up here!
Oh Goody!  What did you bring me, today?  Oh... a nice soft hot dog roll!  Very good!
Hey...Donk E...what do you have in the bowl?

It's empty... Romeo!

Hey Dottie!   

Can I have some more?


Oh boy!  We're going on another woods walk!  Come on you guys!
You are the best, Joe!
Boy...that Solly sure is a suck up!
I have to learn how he does that!  He's so smooth!
Wow Galahad!  We've never been on these trails before! 
The snow's a little deeper here...and there's no tractor tracks to follow!  I'm just a little weary...because it's ...unfarmiliar...

Ohhhhh..... yessssssss!   So very sweet and tender!  Delicious!

      This must be Alpaca Heaven! 

Hey you guys!  Come on!  This is great!

I'm coming!  I'm coming!

I'm telling myself...

I'm as light as a feather...I'm as light as a feather...

That way I don't fall through the crust!   Shhhhhh....

I'm as light as a feather...light as a feather...

Solly's calling...I was so busy munching...that I forgot to pay attention to where my herd went!  It's my responsibility to keep up with the herd...if I want to stay off the leash...
But there are so many tender things to munch along this trail!
Like this!
Mmmmmmmm...this is good!
Maybe a little on the gummy side...but very...very... sweet!
Come on...Galahad....we're waiting for you!
Whoops...they're moving up the hill...
I'm coming!
I'll take a short cut!
I'm right behind you, buddy!
Solly!  You're really reaching for those brownie points...aren't cha?!  And you know what, Galahad?  It works!
The snow is even deeper, up here!
Gee...Solly...could you teach me how to brownie up?
Stick with me, kid...and I'll teach you everything I know!  First thing is to stay close to Joe...he has the treats!
Solly's good at a lot of stuff...but he got really good brownieing up!
I wonder if he'd teach me, too?
It's so nice to be able to run through the forest!
It's a privilege that I don't want to lose!  Like Solly says...stick close to Joe!
I hear ya...Galahad!  I'm right behind ya!
So they think I'm cool now, hunh???
Don't let it go to your head...Solly!
Hey...Solly...they're moving on...

The snow is a little crusty up here.  That's ok!

It feels and flowie... to just ...through the forest! 

This is much better!  I like a carpet of soft wet leaves!

They think I'm cool.....

  How cool is that!

Usually "cool" is not what they call me!

I think I like ...feeling "cool"...

Time to follow Joe back to the barn!

Come on you guys...quick...quick!

 Solly's starting to push this brownie up thing just a little too far!
I'm always last to mosey out of the forest!  But that's okay!
What's that Donk E up to now?
Hey Galahad!  Wanna take a dust bath before we head in?
Don't mind if I do!

Oh that feels good!

What a way to finish off a perfect woods walk!
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