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March 8 - 10

What happened to you?
She got my tail...too!
You're not gonna do that to me...right?
I hope no one sees me like this!
While the Big Boys are in the front corral...I get to walk around their yard...exploring!
Dottie took my harness and leash off!  We're learning that when she calls me...I come to her!  That, my not a problem!  When I do...I get a pellet!
Do I get a pellet, too?
Oh ya!  Good spot!
Hey!  Come back here!  I wasn't done yet!
Can you make me green?  I really like it!
You're not gonna make me

You can only color white?

My nose is white?

I don't think so!
I got to say hi to Bunny, today...but she won't talk to me...

Bunny?  What's the matter?  Piggy came here to say hi to you!

I don't talk to Pigs anymore...I'm a bunny...I only talk to bunnies, now! 

Well, gee, Bunny...I'm not a bunny...and you're talking to me!

Where are you going, Bunny?

She can't talk to you Piggy...she's a bunny now!

Bunny...please come out!  I just want to know how you're doing and to tell you I miss you!

Give it up, piggy...She's all bunny now!  I guess bunnies don't talk to pigs...

Don't take it personal, Piggy!  It's probably something silly!  You know Bunny...she's always been the "Bunny with an Attitude"!

But Mat...we were all litter mates...

I know Piggy...but bunnies grow up faster than we do...

I'm so confused!  Mat?  When you grow up...will you still be my friend?

I don't see why not, Piggy!  I told's a bunny thing!  Don't sweat it!


I'm!  Dottie just called to me!

Yes, Dottie?

Oh!  I got a "very good girl"...with my pellet!

Yes!  I'm still green!
Piggy's I get to chill in her pen!  I kinda miss her grunting when she goes out for the day!  Hey!  What's black and white and scratched all over?  ha ha!
...and then Bunny said she couldn't talk to me...because I'm a Pig!
You'll love me forever?  I feel much better now!

I told her it was a silly Bunny thing!

I can turn around in a circle now, too!
Where did you find the pig pellets?
Here we go with the love squeeze!
You didn't have to stop!
All my tricks are in the house!
Up Pretty!
There's still a cherio in there!
Who turned out the lights?
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