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March 1 - 7     

Hey Donk E!  Look how much hay I got!
Why does Solly get more hay than me?
Dottie spread some hay up here on the top of the hill!
You guys are crowding me!
I wish we had a spot of our own!
Here she comes with some more hay!

Now we can each have our own spot!  And there's even two spots extra!  How good is that!

Let me go see what Mat has...dum de dum de dum...

That's okay, Solly!  You can have that pile...I'll go check this one out!

Let me go see what Solly has...
Never mind! Hey...Mat buddy...
You can have that hay pile, Donk E...I'll go try this one over here!
It goes on like this all morning!  We call it the "Round Robin" Buffet! 
Mmmmm...lots of good stuff under here!
I didn't hear that.  I'm trying to keep my back to everybody so I don't see their hay pile!  If I don't look...I won't be tempted! guys....This pile is taller than me!  And it hasn't even been picked over yet!

Hey Solly....

I ...can't... hear... you...Donk E!

Can't let this one get away!  Mmmmmm
I can bury my face in it!
All the good stuff is under here!

I don't want to look...I don't want to look...

I looked...

...And their piles are all bigger than mine...

Hmmmm...Galahad has the biggest pile...

Dottie...Solly's eyeing my hay pile!

Hi Ducky!  What's up?

I feel like I'm walking with snowshoes on!  And my feet are cold!

Galahad...would you mind if I took that hay pile over there?

Not at all, Ducky!  There's two extra piles, so help yourself!

This is nice!
Let me see...Donk E ate most of his pile...Mat grabbed the top one...Galahad has the biggest pile!
What?  Galahads pile was getting too big!  I'm just trying to help him out some!

Hey Solly!  That's not fair!  Pushing me off my pile!

You're being a glutton!
Don't even look at my pile, Solly!
Don't look at mine, either!
This pile was already picked over!
I want my pile back, Solly!
Not a problem, Galahad!  Pick a spot!
He's sharing!
Just not over here...Okay?
...or over here...
...or over here...
I'm sorry, can have your pile back...I'll go over here...
Wow!  This pile hasn't even been picked over!
Being nice... sure has it's rewards!

I aught to try it more often!

Dottie calls it Karma!
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