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Bunnies Don't Talk To Pigs? you have a minute?  We need to talk!
Bunny copped an attitude...and it's not a good one!
I'll go over with you!
You want me to go talk with her?
Oh Boy...this isn't gonna be pretty!

Hi Blue!  How's it going?  Can I talk to Bunny?

I don't know, Romeo...she's all bummed out!  Juliet told her she wasn't a house bunny anymore!  And that she lives with outside bunnies now, and not in the house... with a goat and a pig!  Juliet told her she roots just like the pig...and then things got pretty nasty from there...

 Blue?  Could you please tell her I'd really like to talk with her?

Okay...Romeo...Good luck!  I'll tell her you're here!

Hey Bunny?  Romeo's here...he wants to talk with you!
Tell him to go away!  I don't want to talk to anybody!
She doesn't want to talk to you, Romeo...
Bunny...Please come and talk with Romeo....
Whadaya want...Romeo?
I'm upset because Juliet said I act like a pig!  Then she said I was a bunny!

...and that Piggy's a pig!

...and that bunnies don't talk to pigs!   That bunnies should only talk to bunnies!

And when Piggy came to visit...I didn't know what to I ran and hid!

Juliet said things were different now that I'm an outdoor bunny!  It's a bunny house rule...that bunnies don't talk to Pigs!

I really miss Piggy...would you tell her that for me?

Hey Dottie...Bunny's upset 'cuz Juliet told her that she was a bunny... and bunnies don't talk to pigs!
Yes, Dottie?  Did you call?
Dottie...she's constantly rearranging our home!  Ever since she moved in here...she's been digging tunnels!  They're everywhere!  That's why I called her a pig!  She just doesn't stop!  I figured if she didn't talk to Piggy anymore...then she would stop the digging and be a real bunny...and not act like a pig!

Yes....I did dig a den by the roots of the tree... 

 Yes I dug a tunnel that goes to the food and water dishes... 

 No....I am not a pig... 

Hmmmmmm... I never thought of it that way before!

I'll go tell Bunny that I'm sorry I called her a pig...


Bunny?  Please come out...I'm very sorry that I called you a pig.  And I was wrong to tell you not to talk to Piggy.  I'm sorry about this whole mess!  Please come out?
Gee....I like to dig tunnels...too!  What does that make me?
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