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Trick for Treat!

What is Piggy up to now?
Weeeee!   Another strike!
I'm bowling, Zeek!
I trained Dottie to set up the pins so I can knock them down!
When I knock them all down...I get a treat!
Going for another strike!
Yeah!  My third strike in a row!
Can I have my treat now?
Hmmmmmmmmmm...  I wonder what I can teach Dottie for a treat?
Through the hoop?
Where's my treat?
Flip the tire...
Get a treat!

This is the red one!  Red! 

Get a treat!

Blue!  This is the blue one!

Treat please!

This is the green one!  Green!  Yes I'm sure!


  Where's my treat?
I get one pig pellet for every trick that I do!  I do each trick three or four times! 
Ah!  The vacuume!  I have a deep respect for sucks up stuff faster than I can!
Wanna see the "new" trick I learned?

I learned...lay down!  Then when she says sit...I get up to a sitting position!  (I learned that when we started doing sit ups!)

So if you have a dog at home...ask him to lay down...then tell him to "sit"!  See if he can sit from a down position!  Ha Ha Snort!  Go ahead!  Try it! 

This is Dotties hand signal for "stay"!  It's upside down from the one she uses for everybody else!  For the big boys...she holds her arm out and her hand and fingers facing up!  But for me...she lets her arm drop so her fingers point down...that way I can see it!

Dottie uses hand signals when ever she talks with us!  Sometimes she just moves her hands, and without using "words"...we know what she wants us to do!  It works for all of us!

 She's been having me "stay" longer and longer each time!  I get her to laugh...  when she says stay...I freeze!  I don't move a muscle!  I get a pellet for that!  We'll find a way to add that into my show, for sure! 

 I have to "stay" 'till she tells me to "go get 'em...knock 'em down"! 

Dottie...when you put the close together...I can get them all done with one swipe...and get a pellet!

When you spread them out like this...I have to get them one at a time! I see it...I should get a pellet for each pin I knock down!  It's only fair!  So where's my pellet?

Two down!  Another pellet please!

I'm serious!  If you want me to get the third one down...give me a pellet for the last one...number two!

There!  Three!  See how easy that was!  One pellet for each pin!   When I get them all down...I think I should get a rasin, too!
I should go "pro"!  Ha Ha Snort!

She is pig! 

She has Dottie giving her all kinds of treats! 


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