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February 26 - 28

This is our new ferrier, Penny!  We didn't get a picture of her face because she just went right to work!  I'll make sure we get one the next time!  She has to trim my feet every 8 weeks!  It cost $10 a foot...and I have four feet!

You don't waste any you?   You just grabbed my hoof and started cleaning out all the dirt!  I should at least know your name! 

Penny!  Cute!

She uses these "nippers" to trim all the extra growth off...just like you trim your fingernail.  It doesn't even hurt!

All her tools are stuck to her "tree" with a magnet!  That's all she uses!  Penny doesn't believe in "shoes" she learned natural hoof trimming!

Now she's shaping my hoof so it looks just perfect!

Who are you?

That's Mat!  He's my buddy!

What are you doing to Sollys foot?

It looks like it hurts, Solly!

Not at all, Mat!  She's just using a file to make my hoof nice and round at the tip, and flat and even on the bottom!  It feels really good to get my feet done...I get all the attention!  How good is that!

Hey...Penny...can I be next?
It's time to exercise?  Do we have to?
Oh!  All right....I'm sitting!

Lay down now?  Ummph...okay....I'm down!

This is nice!

Sit up?  I was sitting up!  There...I'm sitting up!
Plomp............Okay...I'm down!
I don't know which is tougher...going down...or pushing back up again!
Grunt...Grunt...Are we done yet?
This is the last one...
Okay!  That's it!  I did 5 sit ups!

Thanks for coaching me!

Can we eat now?  I worked up an appetite!
Dottie measures out my ration of pellets for the whole day!  I could eat that in the time it takes me to do one push up!  I get just one pellet per trick!  And at night...when they watch tv...What ever's left in the cup...gets tossed to pellet at a time!  I have to root around to find it!  Hey!  It worked for me!  I already lost 2 - 1/4 inches of belly clearance!
I hope you brought me a cinnamon and rasin english muffin for breakfast!
Oh...Nice....a head and ear massage!  This feels soooo goooood!

Hi Bunny!  Look at it out there!   It's been snowing for days, now!

I'm nice and comfy, right here, Romeo!  Thank you very much!  Oh! ...this is tasty!

Why aren't you out there...chasing the chickens, Romeo?

Bunny!  The snow out there... is taller than I am!  Besides...I don't want to get my fur wet!

Look at all that snow!  I'm glad it's nice and dry in here! 
This is my mate!  Come on...Honey...look at the camera!  Let them see how handsome you are!  You have to excuse him...he's camera shy!
Oh...all right...a quick peek!  Just so you can see that my colors...(the reds and yellows)...are starting to grow in!
We even have perches in here for when we're ready for bed!  Our feet lock around the branch so we don't fall off in our sleep!  It's a bird thing!  I'm glad!
Can I have my hay under here?
I love the snow!  If you wiggle around on your can slide down the hill!
It's Dottie!  With breakfast hay!
Shake off the snow!
'Bout time you got here!  I'm getting hungry!
Solly!  That was my spot!
You're right, Mat!  It was!
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