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February 25  

Oh Boy!  A leash!

Hey Dottie!  Look what I found!

Wanna go for a walk?

What a great idea!  I'll be the leader...and you guys follow me!
Hey Solly...we're going this way!
Mmmmmmmmmmmmm   Pine trees!  Yum...yum...yum!
This is the spot that I wanted to remember!
Oh Ya!  I remember now!
The land of nice, tender, pine trees! Yummy! 
Joe?  Do you think my ears are too big?
Tell him the truth...Joe!

Solly!   You make me so mad!

Ha Ha Ha...come on Donk E!

I don't think so...Solly!  Why would I want to play with you...when you say things that make me feel bad about myself?

Is he at it again, Donk E?
You'd think he'd learn by now!
I don't know why I say mean things...they just comes out!  And once they're out...I can't take them back...
Hey Solly!  Come over here!  Good Spot! 
These pine trees are just my height!
Oh!  Very tasty!
And sticky sweet...too!
Mat is such a sweet kid!
Sharing his food like that!
Why wouldn't I...Solly?
The whole forest is food!
That's what I love about him!
Thanks for sharing, Mat!
Not a problem, Solly!

I like to share...Solly!

I have a problem with sharing...but I'm working on it! Let's go check out over there!

Mmmmmmmmm!  Tree moss!
That stuff is good!  Mmmmm!
Hey Mat!  Found some tree moss!  Want a taste?
I see some oak leaves over there!
Hey Solly!  I found a branch with oak leaves!
They're good...too!
Nice and crunchy!
They ...are?
Let me try a bite!
Ya!  They are!
Solly!  You ate the whole thing!  Thanks a lot!
I couldn't help it!  They got sucked in before I even got a chance to taste them!

What's up, Mat?  Why so down?

Solly ate up all my leaves!  I offered him a leaf...and he ate the whole branch!

You are pathetic!
Stealing food from the kid...and he was sharing it with you!

I know... I am...

I'm really sorry...

(why do I do that?)

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