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Yep, good breakfast, warm breeze...think I'll just take a quick nap!

Oh this fresh grass is soooooo goooood!

It's soooo good...I think I'll try some from your side of the pile!

I don't think so!

Ok...ok....I'm sorry!

Hey...are you gonna bring some of that fresh stuff up this away?!!
This stuff is the best!  Fresh cut this morning!  I guess we do too good a job on the lawn, so they do the import thing from the way back field! 
This is my new baby.  She's starting to get brave, and come out from under my feathers.  Isn't she beautiful?  Can you think of a nice name for her?  E-mail it to Dottie!  We are still staying in the chicken coop till the baby gets a little bigger.  The way those cats stalk around....well.....I'll just wait till she can fly.  Won't be too long!  She's growing fast!
I'm listening for mice...sssshhhh...did you hear that?
Hmmm....I think it went over here.   mousey, mousey, mousey...where art thou?
I'm in charge of the yard crew today.  Donkey has post duty, and the high spots on the side.  Solly and Galahad start at the bottom of the hill and then chomp their way up.  You know what's nice?  We fertilize too!

I don't think it's fair for me to have to be on a leash and the other two get to run free.  Dottie's really working with me, and I'm doing prety good!  Hey, notice how Donk E hangs out with Solly?  He uses Sollys tail to keep the flying things off him!


Hey Joe!  Your back!  Come on...hang out with us guys!  The clover's really sweet!
I'm Butterscotch, and I'm growing more and more everyday!  Well...that's what they tell me.  I love to have my ears rubbed...and my head rubbed...and my back rubbed!  I get held and snuggled everyday!  Dottie was wondering what tricks she can teach me!  Right now...I stay.  She said that was very good!!  This has gut to be my favorate food ever!  And the juice!  Slurp!

Can you believe he ate the whole thing?  I mean really....he could have left us something!  He cleaned it right to the skin.  I'm surprised he even left us that!  The nerve of that goat.  You'd think he'd have better manners than that.

These are Dogwood flowers starting to bloom.  And they taste very good....right Baaart?
Dottie was giving us fresh cool water.  I layed down next to the bucket and she just knew I wanted a splash.  When she put the hose to me it felt sooooo good, that I just went ahhhhh!  She was surprised that I would actually stay there for it.  I even let her soak my legs and belly.  That's when she finally realized....hey...he likes it!  I'm gonna ask her to get us a sprinkler!
And now that I'm all nice and clean...a little dust bath is in order! 
There....all better!  Aren't I just stunning?
Yee-Ha!  This is great!  Nice soft fluffy dirt!  This is the best dirt...too bad it's their garden!
Ya!  And right here is where they're gonna plant the carrots!  Right here!  I can't believe it!  Our very own carrot patch!
These are the outhouses that Joe and Dottie have been so busy working on.  They have to have 5 ready for next week end.  Stiles is having their 45th anniversary, and are celebrating with a weekend antique tractor show!  It's a great fun thing to do with lots of nice people!  And it's free! If you need more information, go to "our humans" page, and scroll down to Stiles Trucking.  We'll be there doing our first "public" appearance!  Come down and watch us do our tricks!  Make sure you bring a camera!
Come on Dottie...aren't you gonna play with us? 


Yum...yum...yummm  yum...yum!


Now that my tummy's full, I think I'll just chill out here in the sun and take a snooze!
I'm 8 days old now!  I still stay pretty close to my mom.  She shows me what to eat, and how to act like a chicken.  Mom keeps me warm by fluffing up her feathers so I can snuggle underneath her and stay toasty warm.  My baby fluff is starting to turn into real feathers!
This has gut to be the best toy ever!  It's a foam club that I can swing around and hit stuff!  Oh Solly.....
Come on...let me see how it works!
I don't go too far from my Mom...and she really keeps an eye on me!  I got to see the Donk E today....boy is he big!  He tried to come into the chicken coop while Dottie was bringing us fresh food and water.  Mom says soon I'll be introduced to the farm.  But for right now I'm just supose to eat and grow real feathers. Then I'll be able to fly!   I can't wait for Mom to teach me how to fly!
Oh boy, this can't be good...Dottie took me from my home, and is putting me into a different area.   Yep...Momma Bunny had another litter so I have to be seperated from the girls.  Dottie said "the boys with the boys and the girls with the girls".  I want to go back in.  Donk E says he'd like to get in there too...only he wants the hay.  He said I smell like hay.  Well....what does he expect?
It's nice being in a shady spot!  Nice cool morning breeze!  Full is good!  All brushed out and looking so handsom.  Oh wait...somethings missing!
Oh ya...that's much better!  Think I need Dr. Elliot...Dotties Chiropractor, for this neck kink!
Not too bad a deal....they bring the field to me!  I like it!  Oh this fresh stuff is so good!
I guess I'm the new surprise!  As Dottie was rearanging our home, she found me hiding in the hay!  She got all excited and snuggled me up to her cheek for some lovings.  Butterscotch already told me what to expect.  Momma was showing me where the "big bunny" food and water is. 
This is our new digs.  We have a hollow log to climb through, and different platforms to hop up on, and tunnels to run through.  Here's Mom checking out the first floor!  This place is great!
Ok!  What is this?  Dottie is gonna teach us how to bowl!  She stuffed a carrot into the hole in the ball!
Once I get the carrot...the ball starts to roll down the hill!
Here's the ball rolling down the hill.  Dotties all excited...I'm still chomping on the carrot!
When the ball knocked over the pins, Dottie started clapping and said "Good Boy" I guess I did something right!  Then she gave me a carrot.  Let me see.....roll the ball, knock pins down...get carrot...hmmmmm
Now that I got my new do....Dottie's been brushing me almost every day.  I can't believe I'm letting her brush my head!  She can't believe it either!
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