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We're All Gonna Grow Horns!

Omagawd!  They ARE horns!
I told ya...but you didn't believe me!  We're all gonna grow horns!
I heard Solly and Donk E say they were starting to grow horns, too!  Oh no!  It's true!  We're all gonna grow horns!
They're always with Mat...they must of caught it from him!
You mean it's catchy?  You can catch horn growing from Mat?
Here he comes....Run!

If you go near'll catch it too!

Oh My!     ...I don't want to grow horns!

Am I growing horns yet?  I feel something up there!

Nope...Nothing there!  How about me?  Do you see anything?

Dottie...We have a problem...

The Chicks are saying they're gonna catch horn growing from me...

Romeo told them horn growing is catchy.  Now they all think that if they get near me...They're gonna grow horns, too!

Romeo...can we talk?

Stay away from me, Mat...I don't want to grow horns!

Romeo!  You... can't... catch... horns!

Well...all the chickens were talking about it must be true!  And I don't want horns!  So go away!
Just 'cuz I'm growing one wants to play with me!
It's not like I wanted to grow them...
They just happened!
I'm a goat!  Goats are suppose to grow horns!  I was dehorned twice...but they still want to grow!
It all started when Solly and Donk E were playing a joke on Romeo and the chickens really believe that horn growing is catchy!
Horn growing isn't it Dottie?
Will you help me tell the others?
Yes, Dottie?  I'm!

I was joking with the chickens...I just wanted to ruffle their feathers a little...

Then when I heard it from them...I started to believe it, too!

Are you sure I don't have any horns growing?

You can feel one growing?  Oh No! 

Please don't tell the others...they won't want to come near me! 

You were only kidding? 

 That wasn't funny!

It's funny how rumors can turn into gossip! 

It's sad that gossip can hurt so much..

I'm glad Romeo decided to do the right thing!

Hey Chicken!  I was only kidding!  You can't catch horn's a goat thing!
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