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February 22 - 28    

Nips and Groans... Can Break My Bones! 

Phhhffffttt to you Solly!
Dottie...can we talk?  Thanks for listening... I don't know what to do!  Solly's been teasing me and making fun of me.  He just won't stop!
I was not!
He keeps saying that my ears are too big, my feet are too small, I have the face of a moose...and that I have a skinny tail... 
Well...They are!   And you do!
...and he does look like a moose!
I don't think so!  I think you're the cutest Donk E there is!
You would!  Look at you!
Galahad looks like a llama in feet pajamas!
See what I mean?

He's been doing that for awhile, now!

Ya!  And it's hurting my feelings!

Aw...come on Dottie...It's not like I bit him or kicked him!  I didn't touch him!  Words can't hurt!

Oh yes they can, Solly!

When he says things like hurts me inside!
Do I really look like a moose?
I am not a wanna be horse...I'm a Donk E!
Do you think my ears are too big?
Will I get in trouble if I answer that?
These are what ears should look like!

For a horse...Solly!!! 

 Dottie...He just doesn't let up!

Solly...stop picking on Donk E!  You're being so mean!
This is what a perfect nose should look like!
Is there something wrong with my nose, now?

Dottie said I have a beautiful nose.  That it's soft... and velvety!

Ya...just like a cows!

Face it Donk E...You're ugly!
I'm sorry...Donk...E.
He doesn't mean it!
Oh........all right........
I'm sorry, Donk E!
Sorry for what... Solly?

That the truth hurts!

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...Solly!  You just did it again!

What did I do that was bad?  I didn't really "hurt" him...

It's not like I nipped him or anything.....

I hurt his ....."feelings"? 

 ....With .........words?

I didn't mean to hurt him...I was just having some fun!

I'm sorry, Donk E...that I hurt your feelings...

Wanna kiss and make up?  He He He!

That's true... Dottie!  Everybody always whispers secrets in my ears!  And they love to nuzzle my muzzle!  Yes they do!

Solly...your insults are a gift... I choose not to accept!  So there!  

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