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February 15 - 22

Okay, Mat!  You know the drill!
I know...I know!  Butt the poo cart till I don't want to butt anymore!
Push, push, push, rub, rub, rub!  I have to do this first if I want to eat with the big boys!
I can stop when I'm tired of butting!  I'm almost there!
Okay Solly...I'm ready!  Can I eat with you now?
Hey...I can't reach the good stuff!
Dottie gave me my own pile up here on the bench!  She and Piggy are getting ready to go to Boston.  I have to stay home...but that's ok!  I get to spend the day with Mike and Diane!  They take me to their house till Joe gets home from work!  They spoil me...then send me home!

Hi Terry!  We're back!  Sorry about the loss of your friend...I came to do Piggy Grams and see if I can spread a little happiness on to some very heavy hearts!

Isn't she a sweetheart for sharing her home with us?

How good is this!  This is my travel pillow!  Where it's where I lay down when we do visiting!  It's my own portable personal space!

Sure I'll let you lay on my give me that banana skin!


Bob's hamming it up!  That's okay!  He'll be laughing about this for a long time!

And you're Jay!  Pleasure to meet you!  Munch Munch...good!

He's such a cutie!

Hi Jane!  Thank you for the treat!  It was my pleasure to do all my tricks for you and your family! 

I can't believe that I was here for a half hour when your Mom said what a good, well behaved dog I was! 

 Loved your answer..."Mom...It's a pig"!

She has wings?

Can pigs fly?

Okay Grampa!  With this trick...I give me a treat!  Got that?  I'm give me a treat!  Good Grampa!   Very Good!

I roll the ball to you and now you have to roll the ball back to me!  We keep doing this 'till you say "Good Piggy"!  Then I stop and wait for my treat!  That's when everybody starts clapping!  I love that part!  I Am such a Ham!

Nancy loves pigs and couldn't believe how sweet I am!

Hey Nancy...don't look at the camera....give me my treat!

Do you want to play roll the ball with me?
We have company!  Michele and Payton!
What do you nose feels funny!
Payton's squealing with delight!
Hi Kiara!  You're more my height!  When I sit...I can actually see your face!  You're so cute!
Hi Brenda!  I'm CuPig!  I came to bring love to your heart!  Is it working?  Of course it is!  How could you not love me!  Ha Ha Snort! 
Jordan ...we've been tossing this ball back and forth forever!  You need to say "Good Piggy" I can stop and get my treat!
Kiara...just rest your foot behind the box so it doesn't slide while I open it!  Good girl!

That's the yellow one!  Now put it on the top...Good Girl Kiara! 

 She knows her colors, too!

Thank you, Brenda, for letting us come to visit and for watching our show!  We're glad you enjoyed it!  Oh...those pretty nails do a mean back scratch!  Oh Ya!  That feels good!
We're back at my Grandparents house!  Kiara's walking me around so I can eat at the green spots!
They built a Snow Pig!  Ha Ha Snort!  Good Job!
Ya...Ya...Ya...All fluff and no bark!
I'm getting Kiara lovings!
Grampa loves me!
Jordan's helping me with my show!  He sets the pins up so that I can bowl then down again!  I like bowling!
Say "Flip" again, Kiara...I do this three times!  Then you give me my treat!  Good Girl!  Excellent!

You should put in at least three pellets in the jewelry box! 

Even though the box is easy for me to open...

...the pellets are hard to get at!  Keep your foot there, Kiara...I'm gonna flip the box to get to that little pellet...okay?  Good Girrrl!  

Okay, Kiara...      Quick...Quick...Quick!

Get my next trick ready!  We're on a roll!

Through the hoop...get a pellet!  Through the hoop the other way...get a pellet!  I could do this all day! need to give me a pellet for the blue one!  Then...I'll get the green one!
That's the purple one!  It's my favorite color!
Grandma...can I have some of what Payton's having?
It's time to pack up and head home?  I was having so much fun visiting!

Group Shot!  How bout a hand for my helpers!  Yeah!

You all did very very good! 

Excellent job!  Thank you!

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