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February 8 - 14

You just keep rubbing your head on the bench till you have the butt thing done...okay Mat?

Donk E?  Why does it feel hot when we stand in the bright light...compared to the dark light?  It's so nice and peaceful here!

You spoke too comes Solly!

Het guys...mind if I "butt" in?  Ha ha! guys have a big hay pile!  Don't mind if I do!

Out of the way Donk E...I'll take over!

Solly...that's not nice!

Just cuz he's bigger than me...he thinks he can push me around...

That's just not right!

Grrrrr.....You make me so mad, Solly!

Donk E...I've  never seen you this upset,'s not good...and it makes your face ugly!

Solly!  I'm done with you pushing me around!  Enough is enough!


yank...yank...yank... had the whole hay pile up there on the top of the hill!  Go back up there...and eat by yourself if you can't be nice!

Quit picking on Donk E!

Why do I do that???

I don't want to be a bully...look what happens...

No one wants to play with me...and I end up all alone.  I think I need a time out!

Thanks, Mat!  That was nice of you !

That's okay, DonkE!  I just told Solly... what he told me yesterday... when I head butted him!

I learned how to pull open a drawer today! 

 All... by... my... self!

Hey Piggy?  What's it like ...being a pig?
Same thing as you being a cat...only better!
We both have fur...
...And we both use the litter box!
Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...I have things in common...with a pig!  Go figure!
Dottie...I'm done with my nap...can I come out now?
I'll walk Mat down to the poo area!
He'll go when I go!  I'm trying to house break him...because I like a clean area!
Can you imagine?  He even uses the litterbox...most of the time!  At least he gets his two front feet that's gonna  help much!  Housebreak isn't really a goat he's doing very good, really!
I like to play with the bop toy, too!
It's a head butt thing!
Hey Mat!  Are there any pellets left in that thing?  I thought I got them all!
It's empty, Piggy!  But I still like to play with it!

It's almost as much fun as tipping over the poo cart!


That's more fun!

Now that I'm bigger...I can see on top of tables and counters!  There is all kinds of stuff up there!

Come on, Mat...jump up there and knock some food down...will ya?

I was just trying to get some food for Piggy...she's hungry!

I know...I know...

4 on the floor! That's a house rule...I have to keep all four feet on the floor (no jumping up on things) While I'm in the house!  (It's a human rule!)

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