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February 1 - 7     Page 73

Hogs and Kisses! 

May your days be filled with Love, Peace and Happiness!

I'm all dressed up with some place to go!  Today's the day I get to see Dr. Emilie for my "boosta"!

Diane came with us...because she feel the pain for me!

A little to the left...please...

She's relaxing me with a nice deep muscle massage, while we wait for Dr. Emilie to come in! 

 I did say this was the Piggy Spa...didn't I?

Ahhhhh!  This is nice! 
Oh ya!  This is good!  It's working!  I am so relaxed, now! 

That was most excellent, Diane!

Thank you!

I waiting to see Dr. Emilie! 

Who are you?  Mary-Ann?  Pleasure to meet you! 

You're here to see me?!!

I'm a celebrity?!!

How cool!

Dr. Emilie said I was the best Piggy, ever! 

She's a bigger ham than I am!

I'm getting weighed, now!  I weigh 70 pounds!  I lost a bunch of inches...but I put on the pounds!  She said it was because of all the exercise I've been getting!  It turned my fat into muscle...which weighs more!  Dr. Emilie said I'm "proportionate"!  She's happy with that!  So is Dottie!  Dottie lost a pant size giving me exercise!

We're having a little girl fun...putting the hearts on Dr. Emilie!

Hey...those things won't make me weigh more...will they?

Dr. Sonya Kelsey even came in to meet me and get her picture taken!  That made me feel special! 

Galahad wanted to know how my "fur" keeps me warm!  Dr Emilie said "I have very good insulation!"

Donk E wanted to know why Galahads and my feet are different from his and Sollys (we have split toes...they have one)!  Dr Emilie said that we were made very special!  That made me feel even!

I know what's coming next just by watching Diane get all squirmmy!

The "boosta...shot"!

I think it hurt you and Diane...more than it did me!

I still love you!

Come here...let me give you a Piggy kiss!

After all that's nice to be home!  I'll sleep it off on my new heart shaped pillow!  zzzzzsnortzzzzzsnort...grunt...snort...zzzzz
Life is just purrrr...fect!
I like coming in after lunch...for my nap with Piggy!

I love when we get to snuggle!

Apples...I was hoping for an english muffin!
Apples are good!
Hey Mat...can you move up a little? 
All you have to ask nice!
When he tells me what to do...I just do it!  It makes him happy!  That makes me happy!
Good Morning!  We're eating our hay over here...because its warm and sunny and out of the wind!
Come on....let me out...
I'll be good....
Here comes Solly!

Hey Mat!  Go butt the poo wagon for a minute or two...will ya?

My head has gets really itchy because my horns are growing in...again!

Horns?  You have horns?

Is that what got me?


I got dehorned twice...but it didn't take!  Dottie wouldn't do it a third time...Thank you very much!

And they're growing? 
Hey everybody!     ...Mat's growing horns!
I knew there was something there when he bopped me!
Mat...are you growing horns because of your neutering?  I heard of bunnies with horns...they're called jack-a-lopes!
Horns...hunh?  If anyone should have should have been me!
Hey Donk E!  Come on and join us up here!
You're really growing horns, Mat?  Does it hurt?

Naaaaaaaaaaa...     Wanna see?  There's two!

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... That's what got me!

How big will they grow, Mat?

Dr. Teddy said they'll be little stubbies!

Stubbies!   He Haw!   He Haw!   He Haw!

You won't find it so funny next time I bop you, Donk E!

Hey Dottie...We have to talk, here!


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