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The Makings of a  Dream!    Page 71

Hey Dottie...over here!
Dottie's here!
Galahad's gonna talk with her...I hope she goes for it!
Can we talk for a minute?
Donk E told us about Piggys great idea!
We wanna do it!
Everybody here has a story the want to tell!

You'll have to do most of the work to make it a book...

But we have faith in you!
I already know what my story's gonna be about!
Can't tell you's a secret!
...But you're gonna love it!
My very own book!   Hmmmmmm.....
With everything that goes on around here....I could write at least a dozen!
Give me a shot at it!

Here comes Donk E!  Wait till you here what he wants his story to be!

I wanna write a story, too!
I want my story to be about being bullied...
...and how not to be...anymore!
Ha Ha Ya!  I could help you write that one!
I wanna write my own story....please?
Well!  Phffft to you!
It's not like I don't know what being bullied feels like!  I have to live with Solly, too!

Did I just hear my name?

They're down there talking to Dottie about the books, Solly!


I've got some stories in me!

I've got a story I want to tell...
That if you're a one will want to play with you!
I can do that...cuz I'm not a bully anymore!  I've changed my ways!
Ya!  Right, Solly!

Me too!  Me to!

I want to write a book!  (what's a book?)

I don't want the bread...I want the bag it comes in!

Most people would shake hands and say deal!


We share an apple filled donut!  Yum!


 We're gonna do it!

When can we start?

Oh!  Thank you, Dottie!

You get a great big Donk E hug!

My own book!

I can't wait!



Down here!

I would like to tell a story, too!  Can I?  And the girl bunnies...they're all excited!

Hey!  Don't forget the Chicks!  We want to write about gossip!  We're the experts!

Big Donk E kiss!  Just for you!

I'm gonna be famous!

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