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What a beautiful day!  So fact...Dottie's taking me on my second woods walk ever!  I do love it out here!
There goes Joe with the log splitter!  It makes the fire wood that heats the house!  I wonder where he's going with it?

Dottie's curious about how I'd do in the woods!  She use to hike and cross country ski with her other pigs.  But they were farm hogs...the ones who's bones never stop growing!  They can weigh up to 1,000 pounds......unlike me who will stay under 200 pounds...I hope! 

Funny story!  Oh...I hear them all!  One day Dottie and her sister were cross country skiing at the town forest with Dotties two dogs and her pig at the time!  The dogs and the pig ran into the woods for a run...and Dottie and Donna were waiting by the side of the trail, pouring a cup of hot cocoa.  This man comes skiing up to her, all excited, asking her if she saw the deer.  Dottie said... a deer?  He said..."the tracks...there all around here"!  Dottie smiled and said..."Are you sure it wasn't a pig"?  Well...he got all upset!  He's been hunting all his life...he knows what deer track looks like!  So Dottie called them in!  Out of the woods come the two dogs....with the pig right behind!  The man could not believe it was a pig...and that it barked...too!

It's amazing to smell so many different smells!  And most of them's edible!
The main trail is icy...but the off trails are just perfect!

Notice the slack in the leash?  Dottie's letting me go where ever I want! She keeps up so well!

I'm still amazed at the amount of food out here!

So much for the diet!
I'm working it off...though...and that's a good thing!
Every once in a while...I get a sniff of an acorn!  I usually find only a small piece because the squirrels hogged all the nuts for the winter!
Dr. Emilie said acorns weren't good for me, anyway!

That's okay...there's plenty of other stuff to eat! 

 Look at it all! 

 Come on, Dottie...quick quick quick!

I can run very fast for a short distance!  Dottie calls it a "burst"!
She's learning more and more about me every day!
Downed trees...Not a problem for me!
I just go under!
Dottie was impressed with that?  She's too easy! 

She's learning that I do like hills!  I love to run up them!  That house she built me up on the hill?    I would be happy there for the summer!  But then again...I heard they have air conditioning in the house!   Hmmmmmmmm!

I have the "Rocky" tune going around in my head!  Da da... da.....da da... da...

I need a sweat band!  Only kidding...pigs don't sweat!

When my harness turns like this...Dottie says the word "fix"...then tugs and turns in back where it should be!  The first few times she adjusted my harness...I got scared...

She'd rub me and scratch me after she made the adjustment!  So that's what I think, now...when I hear the word "fix"!  Get a tug...get a rub!  Works for us!  

Dottie uses a word for everything we do!  Inside, outside, back, walk on, stop, search (when I'm trying to find a hidden piece of food), sit, come, up (when she's gonna lift me up off the floor...I don't even squeal anymore!), paw, down, belly rub (that means roll over!) My favorite words?  Are you hungry?  The most important words?  GOOD GIRL!  I live for that!

I'm still picking my own path!  So far...we walked about a quater of a mile!
The trail's starting to get a little icy!
So I'll just walk over to the side now!
Much better!  Yes...Dottie!  I am that smart!  Not the Solly kind of smart where I plot stuff!  I like to think of solutions!  Problem...solution!  Solly's just the problem!  Ha Ha Snort!

Hey Dottie...speaking about problems and solutions....can we talk?  Remember when you told me...

Having me was like having a piggy bank that you fed dollar bills to!  It's more like $20 bills....lots of them!  As I thought about's so true!  And I'm so sorry!

It got me thinking about what we the critters...could do for you! 

We could write stories about life... as we see it!


I mean...really now....It's not like we don't have enough material to work with!

They can be entertaining AND educational...but the kids don't have to know that!

We can talk about being a bully, being bullied, being different, missing your family, being rude, how sticks and stones can break your bones (....but words can break your heart!), not sharing, dealing with a copy just doesn't end!



Every day is a new adventure!

We can make custom books for the kids who visit!  With their own pictures in it... of their "Critter Encounter"!  They can give them to their Grandparents!  Or as Birthday gifts!

Someone might need a book that deals with a specific subject!  For instance...what if someone is being a bully!  You could give him the Bully book and maybe he can relate to what Solly has to say about being a bully!  Ha Ha Snort!

Oops...wait a minute...Something good over here!

 So as I was saying...

We'll give you the stories...then you can write them for us!

Who knows?  Wouldn't it be nice if we could sell enough to pay for our own food?  And maybe even enough to cover our vet bills, too! That would be a big help!  Hmmmmm?

Don't you tell people that dreams are thoughts... taken to the next level?

We're ready to do that!  But we need your help!

You're the only one who can type!
Think of all the humans that don't have a computer... They might never get the chance to know us!
It would be an answer to a prayer!  So that would make it a blessing!  And it's not really a blessing unless you can pass it on!
We can do that with books!  We have so much to share!

Please?  Think about it!  Everybody can use a little happiness in their life!  And we can put it there for them!

Well...I think it's a great idea! 
Okay....enough!  Come on, Dottie...let's pick up the pace!
Faster...I want to run faster!
Ya!  Now that's what I'm talking about!
Oh... that felt good!
Ha! Ha! Snort!  I didn't think you had it in you!  You surprised me!
Hey Dottie...your shoe lace is untied!  No...Really!  I kid you knot!  Ha Ha....Snort!
How 'bout we go in and take a nap!  Sounds good to me!
All that exercise made me hungry! 
Maybe the book I write will pay for the fencing I'm gonna need in the spring?  Wouldn't that be nice!

I already know what my story's gonna be!

Piggy!  There you are!  Where were you?  We're all excited!  Everyone thought it was a great idea!  Even the chickens, ducks and bunnies want to get in on it!  The chickens want to write about gossip!  Ha Ha...they should know!  They're the experts!  Well...except for Blonde Chick!  She has her own story she wants to write!  Oh... this is gonna be fun! 
Sounds like a done deal to me!
How 'bout a nice chick flick?
Hot buttered popcorn would be nice! 
Ahhhhh...head scratches...jowel jiggles...
I love you!  Piggy kisses!

Hey!  Wheredya go?

Yes...I wanted to take a nap!  With you!  And as soon as I got got up and got busy!


Lay down!


Good Girrrrrl!

And she thought someone could love me more than her?  Ha Ha... Snort! 


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